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  1. What Are You Working On?

    Probably gong to release them later when more are done.
  2. What Are You Working On?

    Damn those normals... But apart from them and so far unsuccessful attempts to make Blender export those normals as they SHOULD be I'm pretty happy with this.
  3. What Are You Working On?

    Have done similiar things in past, always fun ^^. But it was city what impressed me more.
  4. What Are You Working On?

    Castle incoming! With actual functional battlements and murder holes in gates, multiple lines of deffense and all kinds of stuff which should be there. Blizzard, go to hell for making your defenses in game too fantasy-ish, I want something what can actually get attackers killed! :D.   But whew, this is tedious project to make happen.
  5. How to add clothing to NPC?

    I describe that in that tool's description. Those are just saves of characters made in WMV. Its not WoW file. You can save character by pressing F7 in WMV - that save is .chr file. And that is input for my tool.
  6. How to add clothing to NPC?

    Humanoid NPCs are using CreatureDisplaInfoExtra.dbc, but that is there only to equip cloak, head and shoulder items and apply correct hair and other extra geosets. The rest of item displayIDs there are actually just for selecting correct geoset (for arms, legs and so on) based in ItemDisplayInfo.dbc. Actual texture items need to be "equipped" on NPC's texture. The last field in CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc is for storing refference to creature's baked texture (located in Textures/BakedNPCTextures/). Those textures are used. Yes, that means that creatures don't have texture items actually equiped on them, they have only geosets set up and the rest is just a texture. For creating baked texture with skin and items on it you need to "create" NPC in WMV and export its texture. I've done a tool for creating custom humanoid NPCs btw.:  
  7. WoWScrnShot_072717_012822.jpg

    Good point, thats tip I completely forgot to give to people in my tuts. Noted!
  8. WoWScrnShot_072717_012822.jpg

    Well chosen/made light settings. Light*.dbcs.
  9. some 7.3 wmos to 335 crash

    That would be great, I have attempted to retro-port whole current Legion client aaaand... Nothing seems to work at all. I basically gave up and am sticking to older stuff from Philly and others.
  10. [Help Request] Custom Ground Texture

    Roughly around the middle of this tut: You may need to slightly change WoW.exe: Note that I'm just searching for stuff which seems to be what you are looking for, I'm purely WotLK modder myself.
  11. [Help Request] Custom Ground Texture

    AFAIK WoW doesn't use MPQs since WoD - things are being changed inside directories. Someone may correct me though.   Note that not starting to learn basics on WotLK is possible, but making your life way harder. You will get lower amount of tools, lower amount of tutorials, and much more is simply not known at all about newer client versions (especially about WoD+). And what is known isn't always documented very well, at least not as well as on WotLK. There are some tutorials here already: There is whole WoD section. Apart from these tuts, you might be mostly on your own. Which is obviously even more dauting if you don't have basics, but thats up to you.   Now, to address your question, when you overwrite original file or put your new version of file into some place from which WoW reads later than from file's original source - yes, your version of file gets loaded. About BLPs, you can either use BLP plugin for Photoshop (which is overall recommended) or BLPtoPNG (and back) conversion. For the latter, I recommend BLiPster, which turn this task into something UI-based and thus much more comfortable and in this case, perhaps even quicker and more effective.
  12. What Are You Working On?

    Gilneas will prevail! Or not. Duskwood remake.
  13. Delays

    Aaaaaaaaanything. Like, literally. Networking issue, overencumbered HW issue... Problem with your server, problem with your provider (owner of server)...
  14. WDBX Editor WotLK definition of this DBC seems to be incorrect. #11 is supposed to be bloodLevel, #12 is supposed to be bloodID and #13 is definitely NPCSoundID refference. Your definition marks #13 as particleColor. Fields #14, #15 and #16 seem to have incorrect definitons as well.   EDIT: Created a fork.
  15. What Are You Working On?

    Completely new, custom haircut, without overwriting existing ones? I'm a simple man, I see such thing, I click like.