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  1. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Especially if saving of neighbours is no longer needed, this might be a neat feature for the future. Sometimes, for various reasons, we simply don't want to make any edits to some ADTs and being able to simply lock them to ensure they won't get saved and thus edited in any way would be simple to implement, yet useful. Even possibility to actually block them from even being LOADED might be usefull, too, when some ADTs crashes a Noggit but we still want to attempt some edits around them.
  2. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Even with this function is editing neighbouring ADTs in multiple people quite risky, especially when it comes to any sort of terrain edits. I can't recommend doing so at all. I would never actually work on any kind of map with anyone else, only if it was a really big map, where this wouldn't be an issue anyway. By saving ADTs one by one you are also very likely to forget some. When that happens, you won't have to just do everything on that ADT again, you will also need to fix any gaps in terrain or sharp lines in textures and similiar stuff, which makes this even more annoying. Trust me, I remember days where saving just one ADT I was on the only option, and I hated it with my whole being, because this was happening to me all the time. So overall, saving just one ADT (or multiple ADTs, but one by one) is a very bad idea. I am not a Noggit dev, so I don't really determine wheter it should be implemented even while being very questionable overall anyway. What might work would be locking some ADTs so changes done to them won't be saved.
  3. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    1. saving isn't bugged. There's a system of saving all ADTs which are neighbours of ADTs you have edited. It was implemented to (help) avoid model duplication bugs. 2. that neighbour ADTs are saved doesn't mean that they are somehow modified, if you haven't really touched them. So whats a deal anyway? 3. nothing, and noone, prevents you from simply deleting unwanted ADTs from your Noggit's project's folder, or from simply not placing them into your game client's custom patch.   So there's no actual need for saving just one ADT. It would be useful when someone edits multiple ADTs and then realizes that he wants to keep some of them unchanged, but that can also be done - by using backup versions of those ADTs, for example from your game client's patch ;). Since model duplication bugs were fixed, I think it (maybe) could be possible to return saving only one ADT function, for not saving unwanted changes and avoid hassle I've described in this last paragraph, though.
  4. Strange shadow bug

    I've got the same problem, its related to all of these highmountain Legion trees. I've told Adspartan about that already, but he wasn't sure what to do about that. He said it might be some .skin file related problem.
  5. What Are You Working On?

    You, sir, made my day.
  6. Blackreef Isle - teaser

    Pirates, death, sharp rocks and a lot of creepy silence. Now seriously, I am just a designer, I am not making up a concept for this :D.
  7. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Whole CZ/SK RP community still is and always was WotLK only. I don't know what does international community look like, as I am no really interrested in playing RP in english. I remember only one attempt to move to the newer expansion in CZ/SK RP community. Needless to say, it was an utter failure. And I'd also like to point out that there weren't really many requests for newer expansions. People in my community, in general, don't really like new game versions overall and also realize that we wouldn't really benefit that much from them anyway. Yes, there were people saying that being on a newer game platform would possibly help with drawing new players to our base. However, gamers still playing Medieval 2 TW, Warcraft 3 (or even older versions) and stuff like that show us, that the novelty (itself) of the game played/used might not always be THAT important. Noone, ever, came to my server with words like "Hey, suckers, are you sleeping? Why are you on such an old game? If you were on a Legion/WoD/whatever, I'd try to play withc you, but WotLK is old shit!". Noone. Ever. So, once again, don't tell me (or anyone) what are WE supposed to do or what do OUR players WE ARE FOCUSED ON want. As you don't - and can't - know that. Your expectation that everyone thinks in the same way as you (or as players on your server, in your community where you are) is just false.
  8. Skin file LOD distance

    @Alastor Strix'Efuartus once told me that it is completely documented somewhere and that the only issue is that noone has made an editor/script for editing this sort of thing. Idk, maybe he was wrong, but he might possibly know a thing or two.
  9. Blackreef Isle - teaser

    From the album Yarr isles

    I haven't uploaded anything for a while. Here's at least something.
  10. When and where did I see this meme last time Alastor: mhmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  11. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Important part of that comment.
  12. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    And thats EXACTLY why moving to Legion is absolutely worthless for so many people focused on especially map design as long as Noggit is the only usable map editor around and as long as it supports WotLK with its limitations/possibilities only.
  13. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    If you don't read my (whole) post, don't react to it. Simple. There are many changes which came in Cata+ expansions - changes I have absolutely no use for when it comes to kind of stuff I work on. There are maybe like 3 or 4 things out of hundreds I'd really use, the rest is utterly useless (garrisons, new BGs, new arenas, pet battles, new talent systems, new PvP system, new blizzlike maps, you name it - I have absolutly no use for any of these and many other new thigs as I don't work on projects which make use of them whatsoever). So yes, I would gain nearly nothing I don't already have on WotLK, I'd just have to face many difficulties, which are, in my case, just not worth it. And I won't repeat myself anymore. This is my personal opinion, my personal prefference, my personal feeling and most importantly, my personal choice. Are you in my place, are you doing exactly the same stuff as I do, for exactly the same reasons and for exactly the same people I do? No? So don't force me to follow your choices, as I have mine, and don't look down at me, as working on Legion alone doesn't make you by default any better (or any worse) than me or any other WotLK guy. It says nothing, means nothing, only that you made a different choice, because for you is Legion worth the effort. Fine. Its not worth it for me - and the same applies to 99% of WotLK community. Get fucking over it, and stop behaving, all of you, like WotLK guys were worse than you just for the fact that they have decided to stay on WotLK.
  14. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    There are several reasons why I can't benefit from moving to any newer expansion from WotLK. There are actually some reasons why I would more loose than gain. And all of them were pretty much covered by Skarn already, so I won't just repeat them. I'd just add one more - the only finished and working map editor around is a Noggit. 3.3.5a tool - so maps need to be modded with WotLK client source files, in WotLK format, with WotLK limitations, and then converted. Terrible procedure killing every possible gain I'd get from moving to Legion or WoD. The rest was said by Skarn.   There is literally nothing on newer expansions I'd move to them for, apart from better game engine itself. It would just make my life harder, a lot. So why bother. Once again. Do you want to move there? Well, feel fucking free to. I don't have any reason to do that, as I'm most likely completely leaving this place when I finish my university and as I'm doing all this around just as a freakin' hobby. You know, that the stuff you do for fun, not for stress. I'm basically a programmer by trade. I don't want to turn this hobby into stuff I do in my job.
  15. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    I work on WotLK, because I do what I like, when I like and how I like it. I work on WotLK because its not my fucking JOB, its my fucking HOBBY. I do it because it is easy, yet it is capable of achieving beautiful scenery. I make WotLK maps because its FUN for me. If thats a reason, why I should be called a "335a fag", why I should be looked down at or whatever else, seriously, PISS OFF arrogant idiots. You like to mod the newest expansions? OK, thats your choice. But let me give you a little advice. Its easier to masturbate to porn, than to masturbate to "not being and 335a fag untermensch". Elitstic pieces of garbage, thats what you are sirs. While Schlumpf was very far from being nice, the way you usually behave around is utterly terrible. You got what you begged for multiple times, so don't whine now after being just once mistreated - by one person.