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  1. Beginner’s World of Warcraft Modding Tutorial

    For others seeking those, I have covered such things on YT channel in following video (and some more).:  
  2. Testing Your Work Without MPQs

    For WotLK you can find one in my toolpack.:  
  3. "Connecting to game server"

    I have encountred similiar sort of behavior on my server which is running on dedicated VPS-hosted server with Debian distribution. Sadly, I wasn't able to find real solution, friend of mine did, so I am unsure what was really going on. AFAIK security of OS was blocking connections sent from authserver to worldserver of some IP addresses (yes, this as problem only for some IPs), identifying them probably as malicious activity. Thats all I can tell you about this matter, sadly, but it can help you with finding correct direction what to look for. Check your antivirus/antimalware software, firewall (on both server mashine and router), those kinds of stuff. Maybe problem isn't with your IP/ports (yes, ports, PAT/NAT can be annoying things to deal with), but with your actual security solutions on your network.
  4. Amaroth's Gobject Patch

    This is an older version of my patch which might not work on some databases. It seems that TrinityCore dev have yet again for absolutely no good reasons renamed some field 'cause fuck backwards compatibility. As you can see, query is trying to insert value to field 'faction', which, according to your MySQL server, doesn't exist (so its most likely renamed to something else). I'd suggest you to try creating this patch by yourself by running my gob generating tool (its linked in this patch's description). It will generate similiar SQL, but one which should be far more compatible with other version of database. If even using my tool to generate your own patch that doesn't work... You need to open SqlBackup.sql in my tool's folder and change field name(s) to match your database (by some mass-text editing software, most applications for programming have this, and nearly any decent document editing software should also have an option to replace all instances of one word with another one).
  5. [Solved Question] Spawning buildings with interiors

    Thats exactly a reason why one should read whole manual :P.
  6. Image gallery

    Its not locked or hidden. That server is just CZ/SK, its RP project and even those who have decent level of english simply may preffer playing in their native language (its easy to guess why - its just easier). When you play a game style where communication and writing skills are the most important, you simply want to play on your locale server. We don't prevent ww community from playing with us, but you need to learn czech, otherwise you simply can't play with us :P. And, on the other hand, we simply lack time, resources, will, and even reasons (because lets face it, we, content creators, would gain nothing from that - only way more work to do) for making some secondary, english speaking realm. As simple as that.
  7. Greetings Everyone noobie here

    Welcome and good luck both with learning stuff and making something cool looking happen :P.
  8. First set of buildings

    You can do whatever you want with them.
  9. .mdx is just an extension, there are no actual .mdx files (or they are very, very rare). Idk why are .mdx extension to be used instead of .m2 ones (probably some historical reasons), buts its a common practice in all WotLK DBCs and when not followod, stuff may not work. Thats pretty much it. Green always means texture could not be loaded (which usually means it could not be located). Nothing more, nothing less. All textures used by a model have paths to them written directly in its m2 file. Just open it in any text (prefferably 010) editor and search for .blp paths. You will find all paths to all used texture there. The same applies to WMOs as well.
  10. So how I go about doing this

    To get any original ADT, simply open all MPQs in Data folder by using Merged Mode option in MPQEditor, then browse world/maps/ directory. To find out which ADTs you need... just go to those locations in Noggit and take a look at ADT tile coordinates. No magic here (and at the same time, no other way here, as long as you don't want to calculate coordinates from server coordinates, which is something I can't advise you to do).
  11. What Are You Working On?

    It has been some time since I have posted anything here... Vanilla-ish and simplistic feel is there on purpouse, mainly because of theme and time restrictions.:
  12. Dead whales

    From the album Yarr isles

    Because I don't like whales.
  13. Set sails!

    From the album Yarr isles

    Oh, wait...
  14. Forest

    From the album Yarr isles

    Sort of.
  15. Entrance to cave

    From the album Yarr isles

    It wants to eat you. Literally.