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  1. WoWScrnShot_031718_163541.jpg

    Couldn't have done that better myself.
  2. Tool ItemSync 2.0 is out.

  3. Finishing development of 2 tools and going to work on another tool, most of if not all of them for WotLK-MoP. In need of testers at the moment!

  4. Can't find custom map in noggit

    It does not. Users do.
  5. I absolutely hate and despise people who steal content of others and claim it to be their own. Guess what, I also absolutely hate and despise people who troll, re-create accounts after getting banned, attempt DoS attacks or even spread malware and try to damage work of GMs and fun of players on project just because they can or just because they don't like that particular project for any reason they find suitable.   You want us to fight internet kid morons we despise and hate - by becoming internet kid morons we despise and hate? Isn't it obvious to you how ridiculously stupid and childish is thing you are asking of us?
  6. This project again, and this kind of "discussion" - again? As much as I feel for you Roccus (provided you deserve it and you are not telling us just part of story which is convenient for you - no offence meant, just realize that we are not informed enough to objectively judge), this doesn't lead anywhere. I am not really fan of "Just ignore idiots.". Thats very stupid and short-sighted statement if taken too literally, yes. Having said that, giving too much attention to idiots doesn't make things better, either. Everything with moderation. And there was already one topic about RPHeaven here and note that it is closed and moved to trash bin, and for some reason.
  7. More blender stuff

    Looks pretty damn impressive.
  8. WoWScrnShot

    It seems you too do use secret power of sunset, my young padawan... Good. Very good. Soon the empire will... Oh wait, wrong platform.
  9. 3D Armors

    All models attached to character are attached to certain point on character model. For example held items (weapons and such) are placed with their origin (pivot point, whatever you want to call it) into the middle of closed hand. You need to figure out where to place models in 3d so they are correctly placed on character model. Important bottom line: change scale, rotations and translation of model in 3d. No, you can't do really (feasibly) this with finished M2 model in 010.
  10. Free server hosting

    That depends, a lot, on amount of players you are expecting, also on size of your world (or more importantly amount of server-side content - gameobjects, NPCs and so on). My configuration which worked more than fine for 100 players online in a single zone without any issues was following: 60GB SSD 2x 1.7GHz Xeon CPU core 8GB RAM Note that 60GB of disc space is waaay more than you would ever possibly need to use. OS, TC, DB and regular backups can fit into 30GB, as long as your DB isn't really very large and you aren't keeping really lot of backups without clearing very old ones. RAM and CPUs were also handling themselves rather well and I wouldn't be surprised if this configuration was enough even for 200 players. But 100 were max I ever tested.
  11. Free server hosting

    I am czech. And people ignorant enough to call me russian are usually from USA, and I hate when they do so, as communistic times turned this into insult for me. But I know you probably just misremembered something, so its OK. Yes, provider I know is from czech, so not very suitable for hosting russian server - unneccessarily high ping time.
  12. Free server hosting Thats czech provider, obviously. I have absolutely 0 experience with foreign providers, as there was no need for me to ever buy server elsewhere.
  13. WoWScrnShot-100517-023714.jpg

    Went through whole album, 10/10 is the only thing to say.
  14. Has anyone made a 'from scratch' new dungeon for WoW?

    It would be nice to have easy way of porting at least terrain geometry to some standart 3D format. Not long ago I made a castle and wanted it to match already existing and finished mountain in my map - so Noggit went first, modelling of building second. There was no real easy way of doing that, apart from just making some approximations based on screenshots. Now, to answer actual topic. If you want to have collisions working for NPCs so they are not falling through ground or charging/shooting through walls etc, you simply have to use terrain and WMOs only for building your dungeon. There is no way of making this work with M2s, unless you are running modified core+server side map extractors which are capable of including M2s correctly in vmaps and mmaps as well (no, I don't have such core/extractors). So build your dungeon as WMO model in 3D application and then use Blender WMO plugin to export that model as WMO. I highly recommend making multiple smaller buildings/caves with multiple interior parts first to learn how to do this correctly, starting with such an ambicios project like whole dungeon would easily turn into being just too much for newbie. I made series of videos about WMO plugin and WoW model creation in general on my channel. WMO ones are getting slightly outdated, but you can get up to date tutorial here:  
  15. How to place a fire m2?

    It does work. The problem is that Noggit can't render particle effects, and thus models which are made only out of particle emitter(s) are invisible in it. Btw make sure that you can import models like trees/rocks or something different than fire/fog/smoke models, something what definitely should be visible in Noggit, to make sure that problem isn't in your WMV path configuration in Noggit's config file.