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    Why? There is no reason for doing that. Most of MySQL table editors just give possibility to copy whole database to different connection - which is process which takes up to few minutes. And the rest of editors at least give possibility to export SQL dump and then import it to other database server.   This is kind of question which should be Googled, and its question related to editor piccolodmq is using, because each of them call such things in different manner and have them accessible in different toolbars/menus. But nearly every one of them does have such functionalities.     Just Google "SQLYog copy database to different host", replace SQLYog with editor you are using. Done.
  2. WoWScrnShot_062017_131151.jpg

    Fogs. Great detail, and way to go. Perhaps some different texture around rocks would make this betterm but still, it looks good overall.
  3. WoWScrnShot_062017_131024.jpg

    Its a start :P. I like that. I think that you can avoid using Vanilla and overall old and outdated models more (f.e. there is great MoP campfire model). It seems to be quite a small and basic area, so I can't really say much more about that. Skybox is great, model selection is OK, texturation as well. I miss ground effects, and more detailed flora spawn - like ferns, bushes, flowers and so on.
  4. What Are You Working On?

    That might be worth noting on Noggit's repo in Issues section.
  5. What Are You Working On?

    Great use of vertex paint, and I'm glad I finally see someone using it. Added your screenshots in comment below by vertex shader video as another example of usage.
  6. What Are You Working On?

    Finished my great showoff of the first map I've ever done! Check out how awesome it was! Now really :D. I think some people don't know how terrible were beginnings of... probably everyone. Now, jokes away, as we are nearly at 200 subs, I have decided to take some things a little bit more serious. Working on other videos promoting screens at the end of videos and on video icons. Suggestions and feedback are welcome!
  7. Item import\export into Blender

    First of all, you need to know that there are 2 types of items - texture ones, and model ones. Texture items are only textures applied on character model, they can bear some information about how should character model change when they are equipped (for example gloves, boots), but in fact, they are only textures. So there is no actual way of opening such items in Blender, but what you can do is opening character model there and placing textures of such items on it. Having said that, there is the second kind of items - model ones. Headpieces, shoulderpads, weapons, shields (hand-held stuff in general) and in some cases belts on MoP+ have all models, and yes, in that case, you can open them in Blender.   In case you want to edit textures, you need to get their BLP files - thats usually done by using WoW Model Viewer (WMV). There is BLP plugin for Photoshop, and there is also PNGtoBLP (and vice versa) converter, so you can also turn them to PNGs, edit them in that format and then convert them back. In case you want to edit models, there are two ways. You can convert models to m2i and open them in Blender m2i plugin (I've personaly never done this), edit them there and then convert them from m2i back, or you can export them from WMV as OBJ (or different standart 3D format), edit them in Blender and then go through standart OBJtoM2 conversion process, which may be way more tedious than m2i way afaik.   If you have no idea what am I talking about, use Google :P. And check beginner tutorials, here, on Modcraft, on my YT channel, whenever, to get some decent idea about how things in game client work and how to do such things.
  8. What Are You Working On?

    Don't worry, I am as bad programmer as I'm good UI designer.
  9. What Are You Working On?

    Glad to see it, I wanted to do this, but I have just finished UI and then I kind of stopped working on it, my attention was already scattered between too many projects. What I wanted to do as well is set support - generating all 8 items based on textures and models contained in source directories, which is super-useful both when someone creates a new set or when sets are being retro-ported. Also, reminders of what has user not edited yet and possibly should would be nice. And I also wanted to actually make dropdown selections for geosets, to prevent users from having to search for information about which geosets are used and out of which values are possible.   A lot of work, I know :D. Just consider implementing such things, possibly later. Or maybe, I'll finish my tool at some point. I just need to get to it.
  10. Questions on custom spells

    No idea, I am not very experienced with more advanced spell stuff.
  11. Questions on custom spells

    I highly, HIGHLY doubt that in order to become friendly to Horde/Alliance you need to be friendly towards some "Horde" or "Alliance" faction. Those two are not an actual "factions". They are whole group of factions (for the lack of better term). Factions you have used are probably supposed to be used just for cathegorization in Reputation tab or something like that. I don't think you can become friendly toward whole "faction" of players and all their NPCs, at least not by using this method. Both Alliance and Horde are actually just FactionGroups. They contain dozens (if not hundreds) of player and NPC factions, which are an actual factions this spell targets. By creating whole bunch of spells making all NPC factions in FactionGroup you would probably make player be friendly towards that faction, although I am not sure wheter that would work with player factions themselves to prevent for example PvP.   Btw, I have no idea what could cause your crash. I just want to point out that your idea as whole probably can't work, not this way.
  12. What Are You Working On?

    It is clearly DBC work. But problem is that there is a big amount of calculations to be done and you need to enter colors in RGBx format as int number into DBC and crap like that. Doable, but not really pleasant. And those DBCs are a mess, multiple rows grouped together, but just by their IDs, not by any group ID field and so on... You will see when I finish and release it.
  13. What Are You Working On?

    It will be video series. Its not THAT hard system to understand. The real problem is that its very tedious to work with. Dedicated tool would be really neat.
  14. What Are You Working On?

    Working on full Light*.dbc and Light Mapper tutorials. A little teaser from research test mods :P.:  
  15. Mesh normals are bad ingame

    Normals are part of model. 3d stuff, absolutely nothing to do with game engine (apart from fact that it uses them, but so it does with UV maps, topology, vertex paint and so on).