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  1. Map/WMO/M2 Developer for Hire

    Erutia map sold. I'm still accepting commission though, so if you want me to design some custom M2s/WMOs/maps for you, you can hire me.
  2. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    Vertex paint is that purple-ish icon in newer Noggit versions. It applies colors on verticles and faces they are in, and those colors are applied over terrain textures. They can be used for shading or highlighting, or to give interresting colors. I'll speak about  that in some video as well, although I have used it only rarely until recently, as it adds even more complexity into map and makes its development process even more time consuming. But its fun. Redoing terrain... Well, you can use Assist menu. Clear heightmap and clear texture. But that clears whole ADT, turning it into one flat square with only one (currently selected) texture on it. If you don't want that, flatten tool with high speed and ctrl+shift+alt+click for deleting textures will do the job as well.
  3. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    Well, first of all, trying to completely recreate something done by Blizzard especially in MoP+ is nearly impossible. We are stuck with some limitations WotLK engine and Noggit have, which means that we simply don't have that many possibilities. Although we can get reasonably close. Having said that, the biggest issues you've got are following: Your textures are not mathing your terrain geometry. Your edges aren't highlighted and your spaces between rock formations are not darkened (left more dirty to be more exact). You don't go into detail. Most of your rock formations/cliffs are way too big, as well as your texture "flakes". Use smaller brushes for both modelling and texturation, especially for modelling. Your rock formations are very round, I'd say you blur your edges or use linear flatten tool. You need to get a little bit more edgy in your style, if you want to copy Nagrand's style. Btw, as I'm looking at that image I have posted... it would probably look better with more sharpness in texturation and it would look better with vertex paint. But I can't get this much further. We can't scale textures on WotLK. And we can't use _h textures. That renders recreating such fine styles impossible. Take a look at WotLK zones, like Howling Fjord. You won't make it look better than that.  
  4. Questions on custom spells

    WDBX editor? And otherwise, Kaev might be right.
  5. What Are You Working On?

    My first ever attempt to make real hand-painted texture. Well, actually, mouse-painted.
  6. Don't forget to make Legion invasion in Star Wars style - Star Destroyers coming with 2nd speed of light from everywhere! Time for new player class. Jedi? Wait, not gonna work. Yedi! That might work for copyright laws. Something like Blademaster, #DefinitelyNotSamurai
  7. Unable to view or remove m2

    Noggit can't, for now, render models which basically lack visible geometry and are only made of particle emitters or similiar stuff. There are multiple ways of getting rid of this model. Modcraft sadly seems to be down right now, so I can't find proper tools now. The most noob-friendly way which doesn't need any advanced knowledge or extra tools is: Export model A which you want to delete from WMV (its M2 and .skin files). Export any another model B (its M2 and .skin files) about which you know that its visible in Noggit and easy for you to recognize. Rename model B's M2 and SKIN files so they match files of model A and place them into A's folder, so basically, you'll overwrite model A with model B. Insert overwritten model into (new) custom MPQ to Noggit's Data folder. Open map in Noggit again. You should have those invisible models replaced by model B you have overwritten them with. Delete unwanted models from map. Then you can get rid of that changed model from your custom patch, as you probably no longer want to have model A overwritten by model B.
  8. MC.Net Streamers Collaboration

    My internet connection is terrible at its best, so I don't really plan to stream. But I can definitely place links to you in my video descriptions and possibly give you some shoutout in a video.
  9. Listfile to Gameobject

    Have you wondered how to create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of gameobjects out of just list of model paths, so you don't have to do that all by hand? I have created a tool for doing so.  
  10. I've got models prepared for that already! Walls, walls, walls!
  11. Map/WMO/M2 Developer for Hire

    I'm accepting commissions again. But please, ony small or reasonable projects, no projects like "20 ADTs please". Something doable. I'm also selling my old Erutia map. You can see part of it in those 2 videos I have provided in main post, and in its project entry linked both in main post and below. I'll wait some time if anyone comes with decent offer. If there will be more of you, I'll either choose the highest bidder, or sell it to all of you, depenind on height of price you'll propose and depending on what we will agree on. Map contains 1 big (9 ADTs) island, 2 medium (around 1 ADT) islands, bunch of smaller islands (one of them has whole fortress on it), nearly 2 kilometres long creepy cave and 2 sets of floating islands in the sky. Models used on map are mostly MoP/WoD, as map is over 2 years old and unused. We can also agree on selling just a part of a map. Map can be divided into at least 7 subzones, so...
  12. What Are You Working On?

    Walls, walls, walls! I want to make sort of fort-lego. Huge thanks to Skarn for making conversion process of outdoor-only simple WMOs super-fast, so I could get them all from Maya into WoW in few minutes. EDIT: 30, 45 and 60 turns added, as well as some new connectors (some walls have "male" and some "female" ending in regards to battlements).
  13. Level Design Tutorial

    In these videos I'll demonstrate how to make good-looking maps, sharing some tips and tricks I've gathered from my experience with Noggit. Check my YT channel for more!
  14. You can download up to date version of this tool below. Check my YT channel for more!  
  15. Creating/Resizing a Map

    Check my YT channel for more!