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  1. What Are You Working On?

    I'm done here When have I stopped Modding I thought that its gona be better, but it wasn't, but I knew very well where and when is this going to end [some ppl are just cunts and they shall remain that way] I had enough of this community, but right now I'm not talking to everyone, but the exact person/s so you can stop right now and right here because I'm leaving definitely once and for all and I will not answer anyone anymore here or on Modcraft - my Skype is actually same but if I get even a single crap about the modding or smth you are going straight to ignore list  
  2. Not sure what is your point but if all they do is stealing and behaving like scrubs then why cant you show them what can you really do ? since they are not right next to you so you can forexample simply punch them in da face 
  3. Why dont you stop posting it here and make your move on them ? idk like destroying whole server ? im sure i would enjoy purging theirs code to last dot if someone would humiliated me that much as you show us here 
  4. What Are You Working On?

    Next character is  Etein Ümyrdor - Wife of Thordal she was champion of Skorn and known as "Black Flame" this is her phase where she was still human but she has later became one of Jotunheim then when she earner her new armor from saronite she became later Blac Flame of the frozen witch which was actualy her mother that turned her into this but Thordal saved here from pawn of her mother etc .... story long af no time for dis     
  5. Random

    best use of my skills   hacking arcade games on starcraft
  6. Never underestinmate power of imprinting your name everywhere possible
  7.   Says someone who has just one post ? looks like random scrub from RPH created account here
  8. What Are You Working On?

    Welcome to my world
  9. What Are You Working On?

  10. What Are You Working On?

    So ... results of 4 hours playing with so well crashing Blender - i wanted dis image to be 20K so i cna mae a good poster from it later but blender is unable to render such resolution without heavy obsticles so i have gived up and left it in 5k i guess 
  11. What Are You Working On?

    You cant be serious
  12. Well we all have been thru similar situation i guess   I had lot of fighting with community i was playing with too and result was me leaving wow and all of em behind  (Amaroth could tell you a nice story about it)   But in this situation i would mention smth ... ( quote from overwatch) "Always leave yourself a backdoor"  ïts not one of most lightsided things but i dont care not even a little since they asked me to help them and so i did but to prevent them from kicking me out I have always few roots in system to use in situation like this when they turn all againts you ... well not like if i ever used them much but sometimes they deserve total wipe and if you are the smart one in team be ready and burry nuclear bomb in theirs files beacuse i can asure you day when youll have to trigger it will mostly like come  
  13. No Tutorial is Up to Date

    thats exactly what is modding about its no suprize  
  14. What Are You Working On?

    Guess we will have work with that project tho  if we are rly into making Yggdrasill but could not be more hyped for any wow project more then im for this one  in comparison with all other wow projects iv worked on were completely boring 
  15. Unaccessable or corrupted BLP's

    Its quite funny when you all try to figure out what is wrong with his BLP but problems is in PNG itself he saved that PNG is some true color 48 bit  I guess and such format is BLP convertor unable to handle just save it as 256 color mode (8bit) you may lose some extra quality but its going to work and to be honest its not that bad quality after all i have seen this problem many times and i have even randomly encountred it here in my video