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  1. Has anyone made a 'from scratch' new dungeon for WoW?

    Well, you could just export the ADT with models and them convert it to a WMO.
  2. Legion Display not working?

    All binaries I looked at in my whole wow live had the rule to replace mdx/mdl with m2. Ever since Vanilla.
  3. Legion Display not working?

    This should not make a difference, ever since Vanilla.
  4. New Legion Models are crashing client

    7.3 added a new flag that changed shit and isn't really documented. If  0x200000 is set, it probably is due to that.
  5. New Legion Models are crashing client

    There is no need to delete those chunks, they are just ignored on loading.
  6. [WoD 6.2.4] Troubleshooting worldserver

    Uh, you realize that master =, not 6.2.4?
  7. [WoD 6.2.4] Troubleshooting worldserver

    Is DataDir set correctly? what is the output of the extractors?
  8. Vehicle.dbc

    If it isn't the server, there is, uh, the client.
  9. Vehicle.dbc

    TrinityCore and "the game" are not the same. Searching inside TrinityCore will come up with a lot of "we don't know shit about this" and thus no references. That says nothing about the actual game.
  10. Remove client restrictions

    Those restrictions are hardcoded. Instead of removing such a basic restriction though, why not simply make the items not BoE/BoP instead?
  11. Using Git(Hu/La)b

    Click "pull".
  12. Using Git(Hu/La)b

    Likely, the defaults are already fine. What _is_ your desired result?
  13. Using Git(Hu/La)b

    Click "pull".
  14. [Legion] Possible .skin issue.

    $5 AFID and BFID have not changed since 7.2
  15. [Legion] Possible .skin issue.

    It should even work if you take the model (and all referenced files, .skin, .anim, …) from the build just one before the current.