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  1. Poisonleaf Vs Sphynx jungle themed zone Build-off!

    I request both sides to use the latest noggit alpha and do live debugging and no backup to old versions. That would be fun. For us at least.
  2. AreaID [resolved]

    Is the file both server and client side?
  3. BFA mount problem

    Ask specific questions.
  4. BFA mount problem

  5. Wow critical error when I go into my new map

    > Total virtual memory:   2147352576 That’s oddly close to 2^31. 
  6. [Solved]How to find out which TXID is the right texture.

    But you said you even found the new chunk and the wiki part for it? That means you know where to find it and with the wiki how to interpret it?
  7. [Solved]How to find out which TXID is the right texture.

    ??????  There is ZERO guessing in file data ids. There is NO need to know any filename. The "everything is in the same folder" assumption is weird and absurd. Just fucking map file data ids to files, extract them, call them whatever you want (although I suggest just calling them something with the id in the filename) and add it. Just take TXID, look at the ids in it, use cascexplorer or https://bnet.marlam.in/files.php#search=type:blp&page=15680 or whatever to map it to a file, download/extract the file, call it whatever the fuck you want, add that string to the m2, change the offset to the newly added string and you're done. No guessing. No estimating. No WMV and looking at geosets. No "all in the folder". Full support for models you don't even know the fucking name for.
  8. [Solved]How to find out which TXID is the right texture.

    Why don’t you just copy all textures and name them fdid_$id.blp, slap them into an mpq and just don’t care about the filename? There is literally no reason to care about filenames for these textures. 
  9. [Solved]How to find out which TXID is the right texture.

    Given that information, TXID should be 0, something, something, 0, where the two somethings are the file ids for slot one and two. 
  10. [Solved]How to find out which TXID is the right texture.

    The index in the old M2Texture array is equivalent to the index in the TXID array. Special textures are still defined by the M2Texture array. Just for hardcoded textures, the M2Texture name offset will be irrelevant and TXID points to the relevant file data id.
  11. Trinity master compiling problem

    Have you actually read the error message?
  12. Creating water oscilators

    Again, it depends on the game version. In 3.3.5 it is just two textures (xtextures/splash/splash.blp and xtextures/splash/wake.blp) that are drawn with a tiny animation.  I don't know what you mean by "physics based".
  13. Creating water oscilators

    Depending on game version ripples is just a texture animation. You can probably make a model with just that. Are you taking the circular ones or the ones when moving? Either way, a few seconds animation in blender should look pretty much the same.

    This is a feature of the engine, not some database. It is technically possible, but not feasible.