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  1. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    The lastest M2+anim files are no longer "fixed" by removing "the 8 bytes", which was a horribly stupid idea to begin with. These things exist because they have a meaning. Removing stuff is pretty much never going to fix shit. This is unlikely to result in animations freezing until a sequence change is triggered. Yet, weapons being on wrong positions during sheath is not a M2 issue but rather one from extended systems from newer client versions where there are offsets in addition to M2 based attachments based on item type etc, making the M2 based root attachment (i.e. 0,0,0 of the item being in hand and middle of back) no longer static meaning 0,0,0 is in hand, but not in middle of back. This afaik is "new tech" and can't really be done in 3.3.5a. I might be wrong though.
  2. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Attachments on the weapon are for enchant particles, not for how they attach to the character!
  3. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    If all weapons on the back of the character are off-set: change that characters attachment points. If it is only the case for this weapon on all characters, — if the weapon is also off-set when held in hand, move all vertices or the root bone in the opposite direction. or if it is only off-set for this character — if the weapon is not off-set when held in hand, you’re out of luck. Ish.
  4. [LEGION] - Big tutorials

    You enter the URL and get old versions that were automatically or manually created. You then read the information at http://archive.is/mVgZ7.
  5. [LEGION] - Big tutorials

    He had a mental breakdown and deleted it. Use google cache or archive.org.
  6. Downporting WoD player model - texture bug

    The client hides geosets based on the items equipped. Merging them is likely to break stuff?
  7. GameObject Patch 7.2.5 (by Kyrie Eleison)

    This thing is broken as in adding group and lod WMOs as game objects, which will never ever work, at all. 25000 IDs will crash clients if spawned. gameobject_template_less_retard.sql Note: This is still massively retarded, with camera M2s added and shit.
  8. What Are You Working On?

    But can we retroport that to BC?
  9. Need wod models, + other models. [paid]

    You may be interested in https://wowdev.wiki/Client_Error_Analysis, and since your error is not in the list, paragraph 3.
  10. Wow Custom Project

    > multiple of 4 You mean power of two.
  11. How to downport BfA M2/WMOs to 3.3.5a

    Please, do not use that listfile. It is incomplete and is missing 212206 in contrast to upstream. Please just use upstream. You can find the currently most complete public listfile at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wowdev/wow-listfile/master/listfile.txt.
  12. .m2 template legion

    All FSeek()s have to know about that right additional bytes. They should be relative to MD20 start, not file.
  13. WoW Error BFA File

    Well, the first step would be to look at the .skin file and check if the claim is in fact true. Then to take the unconverted .skin file and see if it is the case there as well. If it is, think about how to handle that, what it means. Can it just be removed? If it is not the case, try fixing the .skin file to not point to bad data? Is it actually pointing to bad data? Is it corrupted or is it fine with a single bad field? To fix it, you have to look at the stuff and try to understand the error. Nobody can tell you "in this case, write a 1 there", since the solution is 100% data dependent.  But well, I realize it is simpler to just yell out of the window that someone should fix something, without providing further information or actually directing the request to the person you rely on.
  14. WoW Error BFA File

    No need to update any converter, just fix it: https://wowdev.wiki/Client_Error_Analysis#0x00837A90 Oh, and if you want Adspartan to fix anything, you should report a bug to him, including the exact file and version converted. Otherwise, nothing will change.
  15. Custom WMO crash

    no idea, sorry.  try installing msvcp140 yourself instead of having those api-ms-*and msvcp* dlls in the noggit directory. where do those even come from?!