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  1. [SOLVED] M2 disappear when I move

    The mechastrider is a different issue. Doodads spawned on terrain are culled for performance. To do so, the client checks which MCNK is visible, and then looks in the visible chunks which models are in it.  If you replace a model with one with a different bounding box, this information is incorrect. In the case of lamp post → huge as fuck thing, it will flicker out of existence once you don’t look at the exact spot the lamp post was.
  2. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    Can't see anything obviously wrong. Only see that azcrater is lowercase in list file and "Azcrater" in trs. No idea if that makes a difference. It shouldn't. Also, are you sure you're using the right wmo group?
  3. Can't spawn more m2/wmo in my noggit 3.2452

    Can you do so again after restarting noggit?Is there any error in the log?What is your log?Does it happen with any model? Since you claim it depends on the map used, what happens if you copy all adts and replace them with empty adts? Does it still happen?
  4. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    The file format is trs, not rts. In your post it is spaces, meaning you don't show the actual file/changes but some reproduction of it. This means one can not realistically debug this issue since one does not have the _actual_ change but only what you claim is the change. I'm not sure if I want/can help you with this, but if, then _please_ provide the actual change, e.g. in form of your MPQ.
  5. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    Is the file really called `md5translate.rts`? is that a tab or spaces separating the names? where did you add azallystronghold.blp? The information you have given is _not_ complete, which is what I was saying in my first comment. 
  6. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    You missed giving any information.  A usual good start is giving the diff you applied, I.e. the files touched, their content etc, essentially your patch.  Without that nobody CAN give you any more help than “make it again, but more correct this time”.
  7. Wow error on loading screen to my custom map

    according to that log.txt noggit crashes. your post does not mention it. is that relevant? http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=2971.0
  8. Wow error on loading screen to my custom map

    What's the error?
  9. Looking for recent Noggit version.

    It would be perfect if you were able to determine if noggit actually fucked those files. If it did, that would be a serious bug.
  10. Can't find custom map in noggit

    Maps that have their WDT say there are no ADTs are filtered out. Those filtered maps are logged.
  11. Can't find custom map in noggit

    Or just correctly set your project path and add the dbc to it.  God, adding project path was such a stupid idea, seeing how many people fail with it.
  12. Call to massive Boycott: RPHeaven the leecher's hub

    So players use your content? Isn’t that exactly how stuff is to be used?! How is it the server‘s fault if players use it? I’m horribly confused.
  13. Call to massive Boycott: RPHeaven the leecher's hub

    What the fuck is wrong with you?
  14. .skel template

    since this is based on the repository, please make a pull request to contribute back to it.
  15. 7.3.5 Saurfang,Nathanos,Baine to Wotlk 3.3.5

    I don’t think you had a metric ton of error messages but used it as „a lot of“. Either way, there is no way to help with those errors, if you’re not listing them. But as someone posted a rar, you probably won’t care until the next time, and the circle will continue.