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  1. Using Git(Hu/La)b

    How did you clone in the first place?
  2. Using Git(Hu/La)b

    `git pull` `git stash; git pull; git stash pop` You should probably fork, do commits and merge though. 
  3. modcraft forum registration down?

    It is now "fixed" by completely disabling the captcha. Hi, masses of spammers
  4. Object shadow bug

    They appear on low shadow quality levels.
  5. [SOLVED] Scrambled textures on client

    big alpha is for wotlk+. the adts need to match the flag in the wdt though.
  6. Removing Alphamapping?

    I have no idea how that button (not even sure which one) works. Probably there is a mismatch between WDT flag and ADT MCAL type though.
  7. Dark Apotheosis downport

    Probably because you didn't say at all what you tried yourself already, where you failed, or any info besides the spell name and "I want the more complicated thing to work".
  8. iirc if you open wow from cmd, it will print out the order

    version 1.0.1 has no new files in comparison to the listfile linked by mr.farrarie.
  10. [Solved]Mountspecial have no sound.

    https://wowdev.wiki/M2#Events $SND
  11. Unlocking Encripted MPQ files?

    Have you tried this listfile? https://github.com/bloerwald/LegionFiles
  12. Project: Brining back the old animations to Legion

    .anim files are raw data referenced from the model itself. In all the time of there existence i have yet to see someone swapping two files without shit going bonkers.
  13. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    Afaik it should be complete for wod except for files removed after wod. It should also contain 7.2.
  14. [Legion] Parse root file

  15. Noggit terrain + mage blink

    Player positions are server side. The server _needs_ to know about the changes. Not extracting maps is _always_ getting you issues.  Also, what about doing that is too much work that you don't want to do it?