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  1. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    You will end up with issues of having the same UID used twice, rather than duplication. Also objects on ADT borders will be missing collision on one of them. In the end, just have someone save all tiles once a week or so and stuff will be fine again. To avoid UID-duplication, you can have a non-synced 63_63 ADT in the folder with a different (large) UID per designer. That way, Noggit will use that one as smallest rather than the same for everyone.
  2. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    It is supposed to only save tiles that are changed. Please make an issue on the repository with reproduction steps.
  3. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Back in the days it was only he other way around. Yay for change! if there is no option in the File menu: no
  4. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    > WoWDev Discord,  what?
  5. Skin file LOD distance

    From disassembly, doodadLodDist is checked for static objects and entityLodDist is used for units. I haven't seen other cases calling CM2Model::SetLod
  6. Skin file LOD distance

    Setting both cvars to high values should only change to lod skins very far away. I haven't found a model specific setting though.
  7. Skin file LOD distance

    Afair, that's purely dependent on the entity/doodadLodDist cvar, for all models. It might be multiplied with the bounding box radius in header, but afaik not.
  8. Skin file LOD distance

    Are you referring to .skin or _lod.skin?
  9. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Thanks for not documenting.   I admire what you guys are doing, but as long as you don't share what you're doing or knowing, you're not going to get any respect or "like".
  10. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    You know I did. Writing a converter is harder than adding findings to the wiki. Adding findings to the wiki has a bigger positive outcome for the community because people don't need to redo _everything_ from scratch _every time_. Also, remember that _you_ use the wiki and get info from it. _You_ benefit from what others did. Yet you don't want to share stuff. It is nice to see someone figured stuff out, but seeing they _don't share it_ makes me hate them.   
  11. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Instead of releasing a converter, Update the wiki.
  12. anyone knows how to create caves in noggit?

    for that topic, search for WMO import/export/modifcation tutorials.
  13. anyone knows how to create caves in noggit?

    Negative. You want to learn how to add models and how to create holes. The second is just one of the tools, the first is in some menu.
  14. anyone knows how to create caves in noggit?

    Wow does not support caves made out of terrain. You need to do the same as blizzard and make holes and put a wmo cave there.
  15. Have you tried watermarking your stuff, encrypting your stuff, and being even more elitist about your edits so you don't document them?