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  1. Making portable campfire for players in 3.3.5a

    Hiya man, There is a default spell called "Cooking fire" http://www.wowhead.com/spell=818/cooking-fire Basicly spawns a campfire infront of the player. It even has the cool detail to req materials back in TBC/Vanilla I think. It despawns after X mins but I'm pretty sure you can modify it if you want a despawn spell aswell. Would that not be a better option?
  2. Idk, I kinda like the way she is rocking the hood.
  3. I really like the jaina model. Looks really nice!
  4. Scenery from Aicaya.

    From the album Serania

  5. The Great Waterfall

    From the album Serania

  6. Scenery from Aicaya.

  7. Can't find custom map in noggit

    Hiya, Did you add the altered DBC file to your custom patch?
  8. What Are You Working On?

    Redid the waterfall area on the right island just outside the main capital. Still work in progress to get it more blend in. (Yes it's nagrand inspired since I'm in love with that zone)
  9. What Are You Working On?

    Thats a very nice looking worldmap! How did you add the buildings to it?
  10. WoWScrnShot_110117_011420.jpg

    The lava (water) layer feels a bit out of place. Both the rocks and fire tornadoes fit in perfectly
  11. WoWScrnShot_110117_011420.jpg

    The place looks amazing as always, I just feel the detail on the lava is a bit out of place with the details anywhere els. Good stuff none the less.
  12. [Request] MoP objects for 3.3.5a

    Looks interesting, Ill have a look at it. Thanks for the link mate.
  13. [Request] MoP objects for 3.3.5a

    Hiya, I'm wondering if anyone has any classic MoP objects Retro ported to 3.3.5a that they are willing to share. Mostly looking for iconic scenery, Rocks, tree, plants & Faction tents. Thanks in advance. Poison.
  14. What Are You Working On?

    Hiya, Been a while since I've shared some WiP. At the moment I'm working hard to finish the small mountain texture under all the water surface that surrounds the islands. Once that is all finished Ill be happy to say that all 49 ADT's will be textured. The small mountains under the water area is the first step to give detail to the area, rocks and plants will soon follow. Stay awesome guys. Poison.  
  15. Looking for recent Noggit version.

    Hiya, I'm looking if someone has a recent noggit compiled for windows. It's been around 6months since I've updated mine and loads of issue's (I have) has been fixed. Sadly I wont even know how to compile it for myself so that's why this shout out. Thanks in advance, Poisonleaf