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  1. Map/WMO/M2 Developer for Hire

    Check your skype mate, similair offer.
  2. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    Is he some kind high brand hat maker?
  3. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    Good idea! better start infiltrating blizzard mate. Keep us updated!
  4. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    I hope you don't mind me asking but what is Vertex paint? I think ill try out the style seen in my first picture but more sharp, smaller designs and might add m2's to get close to the style seen in exp: 1 & 3. But that might create loading issue's. Follow up, is there a somewhat way to level an area to redo a piece of the terrain?
  5. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    Hiya, For the past couple of days I've been working and trying to finish the last texturing of my map with newer textures. At this moment everything is looking as it should but the concept I have in mind isn't really coming along for a mountain area. I'm looking if anyone has any tips or tricks for me to realise the standers I'm looking for. First ill show some pictures on how I want it to look and after that some pictures of how I'm unsuccesfully trying to make it look. What looks to be is that whats missing for sure is the dirt highlights but I'm not really able to get those to look decently. How it looks. The first picture doesn't look that bad but it's not really what I'm looking for I suppose. The technique was shown by Amaroth on his youtube channel.     As I stated, all the tips or help is welcome. Been trying to recreate this for weeks now but keep getting stuck. Poisonleaf    
  6. Unable to view or remove m2

    This issue will be fixed with the upcoming version of noggit, My suggestion is to just wait it out. However it's possible to remove the item from the database but that's just something I've heard of and not something I've done myself. It's quite common to spawn M2's that are not correctly loaded by noggit. Either they work fine in-game or they are totally bugged. Sometimes an M2 will look glitchy inside noggit but will be fine in-game.
  7. MC.Net Streamers Collaboration

    Hiya, That be cool, Like discussed on skype. I'm currently redoing my panels for my stream and once they are finished your YT channel will be placed alongside of the MCNET link.
  8. MC.Net Streamers Collaboration

    Hiya,   The title is pretty much self-explained. As more and more Developers/modders/programmers are joining the streaming scene it would be a perfect time to come together and support eachother. This can be done by simply auto-hosting eachother. Meaning when you are online & streaming and I am not, My channel will automaticly host (broadcast)  your channel for all my followers to see. Meaning you will get views from a thirdparty source with the option to switch over to your channel aswell. To set this up is easy, Go to your twitch Dashboard, Scroll down to Host and click the wheel on the right side of host followed by a click on auto host management. This will open a new tab. Scroll down to Host list. Click on the "+" next to channels to host and search for the person you want to add to your hosting list. Click on "Add" next to their name and they will be added to the list. You have now succesfully added a person to be hosted when you are offline. To check who is hosting you when they are offline, go back to your Dashboard and under Host it shows under the tab auto host you. If you are a streaming new or old and you want to be added to the list, Simply add the people in the list below and reply to this thread. I will add you to the list and double check if you are hosting others when they are online. Be sure to check out the thread once in a while to update your list so we all support eachother. The following people should be in your list. Poisonleaf SkarnDev
  9. Map/WMO/M2 Developer for Hire

    GLWS, I've peeked at all your maps and love them every single bit. If people are looking for a map designer you are diff. the person to be.
  10. Retro-port map WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    This might have been fixed by a hilarious fix. Will post fix and update later.
  11. Retro-port map WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    Hiya, I'm trying out retro porting maps to 3.3.5a from WoD. I'm following this Tutorial and converter:  I toke the map draenor from my WoD files (6.0.2). When starting up the converter it runs for a while and then says it has finished but nothing shows up in the folder (finished) Any help would be much appreciated. Poisonleaf.
  12. Custom cliff models

    Very nice work mate, Loving the objects. These will fit perfectly to spice up my underwater scene. Quality stuff, Much love. Poison.
  13. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    kk ill try to do that in a second. Mind if I ask where you found the cracked .exe for the wow version you told me to get? (Version There is none listen on the cracked .exe file list on ownedcore nor on the megafile list of said thread. Google doesn't supply a decent link either Links: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-bots-programs/501200-repost-sig-md5-protection-remover-3.html https://mega.nz/#F!Iwt2nbbQ!RQpXDreAlNlA357_ZBREBA!c4Uw3TxB   Thanks in advance. Edit: Using casc and the listfile you have support I am able to see file folder and names. So I don't need a cracked exe for 6.0.2 ? Still have to find my way to the map textures though. Edit 2: Found my way to one part of the textures I want but having trouble locating the textures used in the battleground twin peaks. Any idea's? Thanks again for the help so far mate.  
  14. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    Uhm, Sorry but I'm badly confused now. What should I do?
  15. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    Alright so, I finally was able to download the version from the site you adviced. But am I suppose to do now with Casc since my tutorial I was following doesn't look anything like that version.