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  1. Alpha Pack Community Client

    would this be the 3.3.5a client with updated visuals from Cata/WoD/ Legion?
  2. Custom Login Screen

    Hiya, If possible and if it's the same tool as the one mentioned here (http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=8694.45) Could you upload to to this website? Would love to get my hands on it but last time I downloaded it I got hit by all sorts of malware and stuff. Nice work btw, love the mood settings.
  3. Custom Login Screen

    Nice work mate, Did you write it yourself or did you use the tool that was floating around?
  4. Serania

    Thank you so much mate, I always try to keep moving forworth and hopefully one day release a great playable map & game.
  5. Serania

    Hey Skarn, Thanks for the feedback, For the mailbox,benches and other useable objects I'm waiting for a core switch to place them. But ill keep in mind what you said about even more plants, possibly banners. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Serania

    From the album Serania

  7. Serania

    From the album Serania

  8. Serania

    From the album Serania

  9. Serania

    From the album Serania

  10. Serania

    From the album Serania

  11. Serania

    From the album Serania

  12. Azeroth Kalimdor maps for Noggit?

    I believe it says that M2's you have already converted with convert again as in the M2's being doubled in the files. Don't see anything where it says the M2's wont be converted if you use a converter for a higher exp. (and that should be another tool to use for 3.3.5a -> Legion/Wod/etc )
  13. Azeroth Kalimdor maps for Noggit?

    Hiya,   To be fair it's not that hard to do yourself, for sure not when the tools are released on this very site. I suggest you check out  Then use a legion client, open those files with casceditor. Extract what ever map you want, Use the converter and add those to your 3.3.5a client to be able to open them in noggit. That should do the trick really.
  14. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Good job on the release mate, This one will come in handy at furter stages of my project. Ill be sure to credit you for your tool once the project will be released. Stay awesome.
  15. WoD Textures for 3.3.5a

    Version 1.0.0


    Hiya, Just a simple folder that contains all the texctures used until WoD. Place the folder into a custom patch and they are ready to be used inside noggit. Happy Modding, Poisonleaf