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  1. File .cur

    Aucune idée malheureusement
  2. File .cur

    Salut je suis français aussi, normalement j'imagine qu'il doit exister une texture/image dans les fichiers de l'interface du jeu pour le curseur. As-tu essayé de regarder par-là ? 
  3. Downporting 8.0.1\7.3.5 to 7.1?

    Invisible model in game means you fucked up the md21 chunk with its m2oldsize 4 bytes most of the time.   Do as i wrote it in my legion tutorial.   Only thing that changed between 7.1 and 7.3.5 m2 are chunk order and modelname offset in the m2 and some skel model which you can t edit right now. Despite that. Everything s the same
  4. Models blowing up

    Anim files and /or skin files are fucked up. Or your SFID ou AFID chunks are wrong
  5. Tabards that are not mirrored

    Actually you can look bfa models, a new geoset has been added to make better tabard. so now you have a real chest geoset for tabard.   I personally don't have the time to do it.
  6. Tabards that are not mirrored

    Tabard is not a 3d model  It takes char texture. Torsoupper and torsolowerthing. Only "tabard 3d model" is the lower part which is a geoset from the character model
  7. Tabards that are not mirrored

    yep colossal work
  8. Tabards that are not mirrored

    ah mirrored ! thought you wanted unique texture. Yep Everything's mirrored, except if you make a unique npc then you can give him a custom non-mirrored texture yes. Or edit the UV Map for your character and redo all tabard texture to fit the new UV
  9. Tabards that are not mirrored

    All versions normally since i work only on Wod/Legion
  10. Tabards that are not mirrored

    there's already a shitload of tabard with unique texture, it's only a flag to change in itemdisplayinfo. Just compare guild tabard and a pvp tabard for example.
  11. WoWDev Team

    Yes. When you want something. Work to achieve it. Or at least help the ones who are doing it by supporting them or helping them with the code. Magic doesn t fall on the world like this 
  12. What Are You Working On?

    It's the BFA updated collections system. Each collections has an armature linked to a specific combination of race_sex. This armature permits to link the armor geosets of the 3D parts to the player models through weightpainting.   Old system, 7.0.X to 7.3.5 was only one weight on each mesh which were independant of each other and not the same as the other armatures for the same armor. All combinations or race_sexe for the same 3D armor had a different model, armature and weighting.   In BFA it has been updated, still the same way of processing but the armature system changed like the weighting. You can now as you see, weight paint whole pieces of mesh to be mapped to legs and chests. Which was not really possible in Legion. Still Legion handles this perfectly even if it's BFA.
  13. What Are You Working On?

    And here's again the new update:
  14. What Are You Working On?

    Well since I'm in a good way of working:   2 more races to come
  15. What Are You Working On?

    Made something really epic with a power of over 9000