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  1. A case for Modding

    Because time is money and blizzard is lazy (on a certain point of view). It would take them like what 1 min to activate every hidden character's skins for the player to have in the whole game, blackrock, undead human etc + 1 2 hairstyle that arce not activated for player characters on some races.
  2. What Are You Working On?

    And here's again the new update:
  3. What Are You Working On?

    Well since I'm in a good way of working:   2 more races to come
  4. What Are You Working On?

    Made something really epic with a power of over 9000  
  5. WoD Spells

    Well I'm currently working on AnimationData for some project of mine but I don't think your problem resides there. I'm not sure I still have lots of little things to test to really be able to tell if yes or not this is the answer. I'll come back when I have all the answers I need.
  6. WoD Spells

    cast the spell and equip weapon is how i do it on servers. Or Unsheath and cast the spell. It shoudl keep the weapon in your hand, if not, maybe you'll need to do some edits in animationdata I think to remove the auto sheath
  7. WoD Spells

    There is two "hold pennant...." spell on cataclysm. It does the same but makes you hold a pennant vertically. Same functionnement Or   
  8. What Are You Working On?

    there's M2i import and export script on the repos where you can download the M2modredux 4.8.13
  9. Helmet attachment problem

    some geoset flags on the helmet in itemdisplayinfo make the nose and ears of the goblin disappear you may look into this.
  10. Invisible m2 in game.

    You need to go through your M2 with the template and search for renderflags ID, one that has opaque and twosided flags. Then go in skn00 and search for the geoset you want to be two-sided. Then in skin01 search the same geoset and replace in texture..... structure the renderflag ID by the one of the M2 that has the two_sided setting.   Or simpler. Go on you model on blender. Select your geoset. go to edit mode, select all in the left menu, chose duplicate. Right click to deselect the moving duplicata and go to shading menu if i remember correctly and "flip directions" to flip normals side. So you won't be needing to edit skin files to have the two_sided effect. But your model will have more vertices which can be a problem for 335 version.
  11. Anyway, I had the public link shut down finally, but still that doesn't change the fact about what happened.
  12. IT IS NOT PUBLIC  The patch released here is PUBLIC The hats were on a server thus making it private ! Damn 
  13. I ask people who want, I don't care if I'm alone, If it's childish to keep coming back to annoy them cause they sent me out like shit for no reason, then I'm a big kid and I don't care. I don't care about my reputation, I'm just a pseudo on the internet. Only my work matters.   There's no GM on RPH. There's only kids and toxic persons who aren't worth their position. GM are respectful person who should always be diplomate and defend the common sense, politeness, respect of the rules and be image of the behaviour to have on the server.   Here we have an admin who insta ban those who don't go in his way, insta-ban content creator that argue when their content are leeched. That is not what i call a server, it's just a trash place where toxics stack. And players there are just as bad as their admin.   Just ignoring is just the easy way to do things but it doesn't resolve any shit. When you are harassed, just ignoring your aggressor won't change anything, you have to take actions to make it stop.   Yes we are using Blizzard stuff, we've been using it for years so what ? Us content creator aren't making any benefits in general when owning a server, usually it's more money consuming than money earning. Even if it's based on Blizzard stuff, this is style our interpretation and modelling of what we always wanted the game to be. Our world of warcraft, our vision, our work. Guess what ? Some people were so good at manipulating blizzard's stuff in machinima and other montage that they won prizes and some even got a job at blizzard's. What would have those people done if some little cunt leeched their stuff to won prizes by posing as the creator of the stolen stuff ? They would have taken actions.   Now if you aren't willing to do anything and take it the easy way by ignoring them. Well do it your way. I am not letting them rest.  + The pirate hat I've adapted was from yobi3D website which does'nt state any specific copyright rule + The beanie was made entirely by me by hand from nothing but a screenshot from Battle for Azeroth and texture made with the screenshot, so it's fully made by me. + We are no lawyers here, the copyright law is very grey and not specific for some things + It's legal to showoff your work and ripping models for personnal use and educational purpose so distributing it for personnal use or educational purpose shouldn't be a problem (with the creator permission) as long as it's not making any money but I and you're not any lawyer there to talk about the law. + Stealing a content and passing as the creator is being one of the shittiest kind of person's.
  14. As they stated too, as "A Big Community" and "Biggest RP server" like a threat, Well the big community is so incompetent they rely on the smaller yet servers of bigger quality with real competent people to get stuff for their use. They act like they have quality, big community and all where they do only shit lel. Full h24 meme and toxic behaviour to get likes.
  15. Actually the players stole my content, and admin protects them, but yeah good idea there. Gave me another idea to trash them.   What is even worse, the player promised me to shut down the link but act like an absent one proving that he's worse than expected. Exscuse me but those are not players, they are only toxic being stacked in the same place.   And players are insulting me and modders like people who are fucked in the head and for french people, the typical "french fag"