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  1. I've got some differences and troubles with Roccus, we aren't talking so much now. I totally agree with him about the work, we aren't your industries to make a patch to be delivred to anyone. If we want to share that with you, with the community, with a entiere server, we'll post it with our names. We're working for ourself because we like to do this, we like to do modding. We share with our own community, because they deserve it, understand him. If release a patch on your server, and someone take your work without contacting you and you see that, what will be your reaction ? You'll be happy and say "it's for players, lulz" ?   I was a leecher at the time of Cataclysm, when I've learned modding 'n stuff, I don't leech anymore because I know the pain for the one who work, when I leeched the Rangorn HD models I haven't see the work he has done to it. Now, I can import what I want in Legion. In French modding community, I'm just a kiddie and I accept it. But I've learned the respect of the work. If you don't respect the work, if you don't respect the time passed on it, why you're on a modding community ? Roccus isn't a kiddie who don't want to share, he's here for everyone who wants help, his arms is fully open to help you.    There's no respect now, because internet. Because kiddies, they don't want to learn something. Because they're just idiots to learn anythings. Like Skarn said it, there's no way to prevent this, but soon, trust me. We'll found a way to fuck them up, to stop this fucking shit.   I'm bored to see that kind of stuff, rly.
  2. What Are You Working On?

    WIP Allied-races for 7.2.5 and their own animations, with the help of Inico.    
  3. Downporting creature models

    [deleted because this is false]
  4. Version 0.0.2


    Thanks to schlumpf for the help .skel template for Legion, that's all, have fun
  5. Add new hairstyle in Legion

    This tutorial is in French, but you can perfectly see the images. Maybe a day, I'll make this tutorial in English w/o my poor French voice. It's not difficult, you just need to look for understand, I'm sorry for my bad English tho. The tutorial is only for LEGION, I think I'll don't work with TLK because of M2 limits.   The tutorial is only a tutorial for adding in game, not in Blender. If you dont' know how to place a hairstyle on a race mesh, just go away please. This is only the technical part, not the Blender part or whatever. All the tools you need, you'll see them in the video. I hope you'll understand with the video.     Roccus tutorial in English Enjoy! 
  6. What Are You Working On?

    On Legion, nope.
  7. What Are You Working On?

    Completly new custom haircut without overwriting existing one, new submesh.
  8. What Are You Working On?

    After somes hours of work, finally. I know how to ADD CUSTOM hairstyle to Legion.   Yes, the hairstyle is ugly, it's for testing purpose only. = )
  9. Full Body Cloak (Solved)

    Where did you get the cloack?
  10. No Tutorial is Up to Date

    hail Rangorn!!!!!!!
  11. What Are You Working On?

      Trying to do scenescript in 7.0.3, thanks to Rangorn !
  12. HumanFarm for Draenor Windows bug

    So 3.3.5.
  13. WoD Modding: General Tutorial

    Please, read again. I said "6.2.4" not 6.2.3.
  14. WoD Modding: General Tutorial

    The CreatureDisplayInfo.db2 is changing for the 6.2.4 build, it's not the same. If your playing on a server you're not administrator, you can't use them. Because you need to put it in server-side and client-side to work and manage the DB of the server to use them as .morph and to create custom NPC (not sure for NPC, but sure for .morph).    Have fun with 6.2.4.