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  1. .Skel files

    I found out a .skel template was released not too long ago. Given how I've slowly been changing my focus to downporting hairstyles from races like Dark Irons, which have .skel files, I was wondering if there was any way to use this template to sort-of make such models usable in Blender (at the moment, it's just their armatures that show up - no meshes.) Alternatively, if there's a better way, I'd love to hear.
  2. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    ..I'm terribly sorry, but I just do not understand. My apologies if I've annoyed you by now, but I just have absolutely no idea what to do. I've no idea what a filedataid is, nor how you find them, and especially not how to find them in a wmo. This seems extremely complicated, and I'm just getting lost in what to do. I can't read the AFID chunk, and I don't know what to replace, nor what to replace the extra anims with-- do I just grab random IDs and replace the extra anims with those?  I'm completely clueless as to what I've to do still; like I said, my knowledge of hex editing isn't amazing. I can replace SFIDs, but I use an M2Template for the rest-- finding specific visuals and textures. Weapons/armor, basically, are all I know how to do. That and objects (not wmos) but that's because it's the same principle.
  3. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Right, but I don't get how you found the anims out of that large chunk. I found the ID's, but had you not told me what those anim_ids were, it'd just look like pure nonsense to me-- and it still sort-of does. But you said the values for both models are the same, with the exception of those 2 extra ID's Golganneth has. I don't need to change any of the values then, right? Should I just delete the 2 extra anims from Golganneth's .m2?
  4. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Little update: Just tried replacing Golganneth's AFID chunk with that of the stonekeeper's, and then fixed Golg's anim files and placed them in the proper folder in my client. His sitting animation never used to work, and now it has.. somewhat.   https://gyazo.com/b284fc4551b7077132b882ebbbaafa0e
  5. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Also, I'm intending on converting from 7.3.5+ to 7.1 Higher version of Legion, to lower.
  6. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    ..Woah. How'd you find all of that? Also, how would I go about changing stonekeeper.m2's file_id values?
  7. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    I'm assuming this was what you meant.
  8. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    I I'm not sure I'm understanding what you're asking me to do - again, my apologies, my understanding of downporting's really quite limited to items, haha. Creatures are entirely new for me. Like I said before, if you've a discord, perhaps we could discuss this in more detail there?
  9. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Right. That's-.. all quite confusing, apologies. I'll try and do my best to understand, however.   It seems the chunk size is larger in Aggramar's file than with the stonekeeper, but the the first value is the same. I'm assuming by anim_id and sub_anim_ids, you mean these:   Aggramar's model has more animations, and when going into the "stand" anims, I see this: However, the stonekeeper model only has 1 stand anim:
  10. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    I meant, like, replacing the new model's AFID bytes with that of the old model's AFID bytes, like you do with SFIDs.   I don't know what you mean on this part. Could we, by chance, discuss this over discord? I feel it would be supremely easier (and quicker) if we had a better form of communication. Night Elf#1000
  11. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Just the 8 chunks, right? Then the SFIDS-- And I should be good, then? No anim files?
  12. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Do I have to replace the AFID chunks?
  13. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Renamed them, still didn't work. I'm not sure I get what you mean with the animations, haha-- uh, nono, some animations /do/ work. Like, some combat animations *do* work, or at least the ones that I tested. However, animations such as sitting or talking, do not work at all. When my character talks during movement, the moving animation may break. TThis is the .m2 for the Legion Druid bear form for Trolls. There are AFID chunks. Same for the Zandalari Troll bear form.
  14. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    So, little update: I went and tried downporting the zandalari troll bear form, replacing the new legion troll bear form, and instead of deleting 7 bytes, I deleted 8 bytes. I then moved every anim file into the zandalari troll bear form folder - where i put all the hardcoded textures - and then the old troll bear form folder, once with the files unchanged, and then with them renamed. Nothing worked. I also deleted just 7 bytes, and did the process again, and the anims still didn't work. Is there any other way to do this with SFID downporting?
  15. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Also, do I need to rename the anim files to that of the original model's, or am I good with keeping them as they are, and putting them in the new model's folder/old model's?