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  1. Poisonleaf Vs Sphynx jungle themed zone Build-off!

    Please record it, I have no time to look  
  2. Thank you look for goblinheadmech Senix
  3. Hey guys i think it's time for a new release for WOTLK from Battle for Azeroth. I have not all creatures ported but all object's and wmos and the new Tilesets from BFA 8.0.1 Some Screenshots (not all creatures of the patch) Creatures: Object's/WMO's: Tilesets: I hope u like it and if u have some problems with the files, contact me please Give me a like if u like this release   Thank you! Senix Contact: Skype: exit.hd Discord: Senix#6251
  4. what u test to convert? a Object m2 or creature m2? creature may dont show because the anim. bug   i think the objects will work
  5. tell me if it works please
  6. Maybe port from BFA/7.3 to WOTLK and then back to Legion 7.2.5 with the 010 script here on model-changing  
  7. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    push.. come on guys...
  8. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    the map.db2 file is in my wow directory: WorldOfWarcraft/DBFilesClient/map.db2 and the adt files in WorldOfWarcraft/World/Maps/MyMap/mymap.adt is this right?  i hope someone can help me out 
  9. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    i got also this wow error 1905 is the map id of my custom map   
  10. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    okay can u explain me more about this? any links with information about CASCHOST or Videos or other stuff to get more information about this to work with this
  11. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    the bat file gives me this error:  The command "010editor" can not found... you know how to fix this?   is it also possible to "port" the new BFA objects and wmos to 7.3.5? 
  12. i got a error     I got kicked ingame and become Error Message: A streaming error has occurred (WOW51900322)    Version: 7.3.5 26822    
  13. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    Hey guys  My question is, is it possible to work with custom maps on legion 7.3.5 like on 3.3.5a ? Is it possible to make a own Loginscreen? And how to make a "custom patch" on Legion?  Whats possible and whats not possible to do on 7.3.5 ?   I hope someone can help me   Thanks!   Senix
  14. Bonecount problem

  15. Bonecount problem

    hey guys anyone knows how to fix the bone count at the new skin files? what i need to change with the 010 Editor?    i hope someone can help me    greets   Senix