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  1. Bonecount problem

  2. Bonecount problem

    hey guys anyone knows how to fix the bone count at the new skin files? what i need to change with the 010 Editor?    i hope someone can help me    greets   Senix
  3. What Are You Working On?

    i dont know that ^^ thanks for the information, we will change the name of this map. Senix
  4. What Are You Working On?

    New Zone - Stormholt of the map TemeriaScreens: The mountains in the background are not finish.  
  5. WoW Error BFA File

    yea but how works the groundeffect additing on Legion? 
  6. WoW Error BFA File

    i think the same dude and maybe thats the reason.. it will need a long time to get the new races models working on 335 and maybe never 
  7. WoW Error BFA File

    No need to update any converter, just fix it:   This say me nothing to fix the bug, only why is coming the error..   
  8. WoW Error BFA File

    @Update ADspartan needs to update the Converter... its a currupt m2 files from BFA
  9. WoW Error BFA File

    Hey guys i got this wow error and i dont know what he says   Someone knows how to fix this or can say me why he say this?
  10. which converter version i need to use for bfa adts? 
  11. i use the same patches for the gameclient...
  12. Hey guys The converted map works perfect in noggit.. but not ingame i got this wow error: 
  13. MoP adding new races

    Update your Core, DBC ( CharSection.dbc files) and update your Interface .lua and .xml files. Your exe works perfect for new races.  Senix