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  1. Revamped map of duronar

    Sand Plague. That's so interesting!
  2. First set of buildings

    Thanks alot for your generosity, when I use them, I'll make sure I mention you! Thanks!
  3. First set of buildings

    WOW, they're very unique and just perfect! I'd say better than most of Blizz's objects. Can we use it on our projects? Or you don't plan to make them open source?
  4. [WIP] map of Duronar

    The current appearance of the map includes many similarities to Haradon project(if not copycat), I loved the story, it is very colorful and seems fun, but it remains to see what are you going to do further next, in order to define whether you actually "stole" from Haradon or not. Very anxious to see what comes next.