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  1. WoWScrnShot_073117_031004.jpg

    The ambience looks cool but as I've seen from blizzard and in real life near water areas, especially near swamps there is a lot of grass or bushes. I would suggest you to add bushes around the water. Right now it looks a bit empty.
  2. WoWScrnShot_072717_012034.jpg

    The terrain looks very good, very similiar to the blizzard ones I would say, especially the mountains.
  3. WoWScrnShot_072717_152338.jpg

    The terrain looks good but I think that the snow in the mountain doesn't look very "natural".Maybe make some areas wider with snow and some others more narrow.Or maybe add snow only to the upper part of the mountain because in this version the ground could also have more snow on it.
  4. WoWScrnShot_073117_183910.jpg

    I like the mountains but I would suggest you to add more bushes around the trees or water.
  5. WoWScrnShot_072717_012822.jpg

    Glad to be helpful Amaroth, but I'm afraid about the final result when working with light dbcs. I'm not very experienced on that and  that is why I try to keep machinima tool settings as simple as I can.
  6. WoWScrnShot_072717_012822.jpg

    I actually use machinima tool to get the effects I want much faster but I do not play very much with the settings. I made a new entry on lightSkybox.dbc for this sky, it is from cataclysm. I choose an environment, I think this one was with id 19 so then when I work with dbcs I just use this id to get the desired environment.Of course I use machinima tool only to test the light settings which would fit the zone.  
  7. WoWScrnShot_072717_012942.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  8. WoWScrnShot_072717_012822.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  9. WoWScrnShot_072717_012806.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  10. WoWScrnShot_072717_012728.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  11. WoWScrnShot_072717_012716.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  12. WoWScrnShot_072717_012710.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  13. WoWScrnShot_072717_012657.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  14. WoWScrnShot_072717_012654.jpg

    From the album Haradon

  15. WoWScrnShot_072717_012646.jpg

    From the album Haradon