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  1. spellxspellvisual.db2

    Does anyone know how i can load this db2 file ? I mean right now the only possiblity is to use the arctium launcher to load custom files. However for some reason everything except for this db file works perfectly. That basically means i cant change my damn spell animations if anyone knows how to fix this or know of a another way to change spell animations on retail right now. Feel free to tell me about it   :))
  2. .skel template

    for 7.3.2 as well ? or only when the ptr patch goes live ?
  3. .skel template

    what are .skel files ?? 
  4. Particles

    Does anyone know how to change the current particles of enchantments for example back to the once from wotlk up to mop i think ?
  5. Patch 7.3 issue!

    umm philips tool ? did i miss something ? what does it do ? I thought retail modding was dead ... 
  6. Where are model file paths in DBC?

    open casc and extract the m2s manually... or edit  itemmodifiedappearance.db2 (1st column displayid look em up on wowhead, edit the 2nd column its the visualID) if you want to quickly switch item appearances. 
  7. Private server making (7.3 WotLK endgame)

    idc man .... it sounds like a nice idea. I probably wouldnt play much since im busy with retail and Tauri wow´s MoP , but a nice idea nonetheless
  8. Private server making (7.3 WotLK endgame)

    the problem is ... how are you gonna edit the wow.exe ??? the problem with retail modding is that you cant exactly remove blizzards protection which they introduced in 7.3
  9. WDBX Editor

    I dearly hope so mate ... 

    yo ... you cant mod 7.3 right now ... with blizzards new protection they kinda killed retail modding, for now. To actually see modded files you need a sig and protection removed wow.exe which currently does not exist. We gotta wait some time 
  11. WDBX Editor

    you know, its interesting that nobody seems to be talking about modding 7.3 ... its actually really disappointing to see that absolutely nobody tries find a solution on the various modding forums. I mean i am trying to keep some threads alive on ownedcore asking for some information and status update ... but nobody with actualy knowledge seems to answer.   
  12. WDBX Editor

    in your case you should still use 7.2 ... i am assuming that you are not playing retail. For 7.3 however we are kinda not able to do anything as there have been no releases for sig and md5 removed wow.exe since blizzard introduced the new protection system.  Retail modding is kinda dead at this point until someone finds a way around the protection again. I am hoping and waiting every day for a release so that i can get back my old spell animations... well all that remains is just hoping at this point i guess
  13. Replacing

    So ... um i dont know if editing ItemDisplayInfo.dbc has helped you or not ... but how i changed appearances of items in legion was by changing the ItemModifiedAppearance.db2  You search in first column for the displayid (look it up on wowhead) and edit the second column which shows the visual ID
  14. Glowing Hands

    I believe everyone knows about the killing machine and vengeance/ divine purpose/ inquisition and numerous other hand glowing effects which have been in the game for the longest time. Now my question is: is there a way to change the color of these effects by editing the m2/skin files or is it possible to e.g. completetly change the current legion versions back to the old particle effects ? I know how to spell swap animations and effects in legion by editing the spellxspellvisual.db2 , but i also wanted to know in general about the changing of color. You may answer if you know how to do it in wotlk ... ill try and see what i can do then. Thx for the help
  15. [RELEASE] WoTLK New Combat Animations

    meanwhile ppl on retail want the old animations back ....