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  1. Casting animations

      So.... umm what was the other way ? ;D
  2. [LEGION] - Big tutorials

    wai.. what ?  How does work ?
  3. .m2 template legion

    I tried it ... gave me some errors because you forgot the semicolons... tried again, didnt work unfortunately. And I cant really seem to figure out what exactly has to be done to make it work, since I have only started studying informatics and dont know what to do with my basic knowledge in C#
  4. .m2 template legion

    So... I basically updated the existing M2TemplateCata  to include the new Legion animations for the Legion character models. However I now see why I cant get my changes to work the way i want them to. Since i have to remove the MD21 chunk at the front all the time, in case of BloodElfMale_HD.m2 the first 8 bytes, the changes are being pushed 8 bytes away from the correct position. I guess I will now have to find a way to make it load with the md21 chunk at the start so that i wont have to insert it afterwards again or ofc trying to make the changes at the correct position, however that seems a little difficult since I cant say for sure which exact position I will have to edit.   Just in case that anyone is reading and perhaps wanting to help me, here is the M2TemplateCata with my updated changes:
  5. .m2 template legion

    Anyone got a working one for all character animations ? Normally just removing the md21 chunk and using the cata template, but when i make changes to animations not all seem to work afterwards...
  6. Casting animations

    @MR.Farrarie  Do you know a solution for this perhaps ??   Edit: omg im so dumb ... i just forgot to remove the MD21 chunk ... hahaa sryyyy template works great
  7. Casting animations

    Thx mate. Ill check it out when ill get home.   Edit: umm... im getting this error  *ERROR Line 1274: Invalid structure. Ending position was in front of starting position.
  8. Casting animations

    where can we get the working .m2 template for legion models ?   edit: or could you maybe just share your ??
  9. spellxspellvisual.db2

    Does anyone know how i can load this db2 file ? I mean right now the only possiblity is to use the arctium launcher to load custom files. However for some reason everything except for this db file works perfectly. That basically means i cant change my damn spell animations if anyone knows how to fix this or know of a another way to change spell animations on retail right now. Feel free to tell me about it   :))
  10. .skel template

    for 7.3.2 as well ? or only when the ptr patch goes live ?
  11. .skel template

    what are .skel files ?? 
  12. Particles

    Does anyone know how to change the current particles of enchantments for example back to the once from wotlk up to mop i think ?
  13. Patch 7.3 issue!

    umm philips tool ? did i miss something ? what does it do ? I thought retail modding was dead ... 
  14. Where are model file paths in DBC?

    open casc and extract the m2s manually... or edit  itemmodifiedappearance.db2 (1st column displayid look em up on wowhead, edit the 2nd column its the visualID) if you want to quickly switch item appearances. 
  15. Private server making (7.3 WotLK endgame)

    idc man .... it sounds like a nice idea. I probably wouldnt play much since im busy with retail and Tauri wow´s MoP , but a nice idea nonetheless