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  1. exporting legion textures is it possible?

    If you are looking for an extraction tool id recommend Casc Explorer. For further Legion modding like editing db2 files I recommend Barnacle´s WDBX editor.
  2. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Skarn the point is that everything past 335 is "too dumb" and "too complicated" and "not worth the time" ... and I remember Rangorn defending modding post 335 and I am with him. Wotlk is easy peasy ... but why dont you try and learn modding post 335 like Legion ? Whenever i asked something about legion here i mostly got "i only do wotlk stuff" and cant help you with that .. well what a great wow modding website ... and its fascinating how ppl are still developing tools for wotlk. And at this point my questin is ... why ?! I mean what else could you bring into that pot that is already more than full ?! Move on ! But wait that would require time for you to learn all the new complicated stuff...and then you would be on your own right ? Wrong because there are other ppl like from retail who dislike the new animations and shit which came with legion and ppl want to figure out how to change all that shit back to pre Legion. But appearantly ppl arent even able to answer simple questions because if they dont know the stuff they just say "google it" or "read on wowwiki" ... but spoiler alert: Wiki cant help me either because its all up to date. Sry i digress... To come back to my point. Here we have probably one of the most advanced modders in Legion and what does he get from standing for his cause ? Nothing but either hate because he wants you to move on with him or just questions because ppl want him to tell his methods. And yes. I would like to know aswell some things about modding in legion but i understand that he doesnt want to be like everybody´s bitch who does all the work while the others who are just too lazy to try and find it themselves are feasting upon his knowledge lol. But thats just me and my shitty opinion.
  3. [Legion] .m2 010 editor

    So... after so much struggle i finally found a way to simply change the item appearance. For that I just had to find the Item IDs of both shoulders and then modify the numbers in the following files: - items.db2 - itemModifiedAppearance.db2 - Item-Sparse.db2 After finding the IDs of both shoulder models, I just changed then numbers of the model i wanted to change to the same as the model i wanted to get. Basically changes the look and effects of the item ingame, but for some reason not in the character screen. So there I will have to continue searching. But for now I am really happy that I finally made it... geez.... just used and read a lot about the db2 files and their structure. Also if someone out there is looking for a db2 editor.   Get the barncastle´s WDBC editor. It works perfectly. EDIT: appearantly it is enough to just modifiy the entries in ItemModifiedAppearance.db2  
  4. holy spell effects

    Is it possible to port the old holy swirl glowing effects from wotlk to legion ? They heavily nerfed the effects in wod to a simple golden mist and id really like to change that. Anyone experienced enough with forward porting or legion modding ?? Rangorn maybe ? 
  5. No Tutorial is Up to Date

    wait so basically what you are saying that even though you are one of the few ppl who are actually working on wod/ legion modding you are too selfish to share your great methods ? i mean i saw what you are able to do lol kalashnikov in legion .. and yet you dont want to share your stuff with the world ? I mean im struggling with changing animations in legion and i would highly appreciate it if you could help me with that lol, but whatever ...
  6. What Are You Working On?

    now that would be pretty wizard
  7. db file for animations

    unfortunatly not ... i did change some ids of spells which i found in spellvisualanim with the help of spell.db2. For example i equaled the numbers for Templar´s Verdict and the old version of the spell (yes i found both variations) and yet no change... then i tried changing it to mortal strike or crusader strike yet without any success... so thats probably not the file i am (or we ?) are looking for
  8. Please help me to modify wow.exe

    ye np mate ^^
  9. Please help me to modify wow.exe

    Ye jh is still releasing cracked .exe files.   just search for 5.x.x  throughout his post
  10. db file for animations

    well ... i guess it cant be helped then. Anyways ty guys for your efforts and your answers. I really appreciate it
  11. db file for animations

    Alright. So the expansion is Legion ... i know ugh db2 files... but ill find out what to edit with so there is that. Now about the animation: Its the templars verdict animation im looking for and yes i would like to change it to another special attack 2h animation like crusader strike or the pre legion version pirouette  (those are still in the game). I tried to find out which are actually still in the game by using tmorph. As it is now i was able to change "spells" with SpellVisualEffectName.db2 (just an example to show you that i know that editing db2 files works). Basically what I would like to find out is which db file contains attack animations or it would be a big help if someone could actually tell me how to find out the location of specific animation data files so that i may just change the names of the files and be done with it. Id be happy either way... changing the db file(s) or swapping the       animation files of whichever race since they look something like HumanMale_HD0066-00.anim or BloodElfMale_HD0066-00.anim. I see that the numbers are the same ... but i dont know which animation that is since i cant seem to identify it. I hope that you understand now what i meant.
  12. No Tutorial is Up to Date

    well Amaroth you say so that questions were being answered and yet i cant seem to get an answer of someone with dbc knowledge like you on my question about animations in db files... new topic.. made about 2 days ago.... 0 answers. I mean im not even asking for someone to actually do something for me ... just want to know which db file(s) contain(s) attack animations that i have to change to get a different animation for my characters spell. I  dont even want to know which column i have to edit since i can read that mostly on just want to know which file exactly contains the information i am looking for.
  13. db file for animations

    So i am really interested in working with db files since i downloaded barncastle´s wdbx editor and i really want to change some attack animations of my paladin but i just cant seem to find the right db file.... I mean i tried changing the special attack 2h in AnimationData, but unfortunatly without any success. Perhaps im digging in the wrong hole ^^
  14. WDBX Editor

    so ive been messing around with legions db2 files and i tried to open SpellXSpellVisual.db2 but it always gives this ERROR SpellXSpellVisual.db2 : Id column contains duplicates. So im kinda lost ... since i want to change some spell visuals like the Mana divining stone aura with the former paladin´s inquisition glowing hands
  15. Legion to Wotlk Creature DBC Files and Path

    lol how did you even open the db2 files ? with wdbx-editor ? or is there a better one ?