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  1. New changes are here. Thanks to Drood182 and Leeviathan from Modcraft by creating those awesome mods. Leeviathan for the High Elves and the Chinese version for the Undead models but as also the fix for tabarbs and fine tuning general the WoD character models and Drood182 for creating new skins for the tiger model. So now i have update Balsh mod to be compatible with the High Elves model as also with the general extra fixes. New Additions : Abominations model update Ghouls model update New Skybox for Stratholme (Orgirmmar Raid skybox used for that) Paladin's Charger model update Warlock's DreadSteed model update Treasure Chest model update Fixed Druids Gift of the Wild spell icon Reworked skins for the Tiger model (by Drood182) Balsh Character models reworked including: Tabarbs, removed doubled polygons,  undead features reworked plus higher-res bone textures (by Leeviathan) * New Undead Character model - Chinese Version (by Leeviathan) BARE in mind, all 3 mods, the creatures, Balsh Char mod and Leeviathan Chinese version can work together. DONT USE my version of Balsh link from here if you want only the character models. Use the STAND ALONE VERSION from Modcraft. Also i'll advice don't change the order of the patches, is been tested to work that way, unless you are aware of what you doing. * Completely reworked character models for Balsh's WoD Character Models 1.12.1 models, use in tandem with Balsh's mod. Fixes include: corrected tabard UV mapping for all, removed doubled polygons (mainly doubled belt meshes, this fixes transparency on things like ghost form), undead features reworked + higher-res bone textures + some miscellaneous corrected textures, rogue vertex tamed on tauren male, some corrected textures for tauren females, tons of hair UV fixes and un-decimated dwarf beards.
  2. Hello all, Im Uthil and for the past month i've been working this project when accidentally found PhantomXization tutorial about down porting WoD models to WotLK and i start to dig how you could do it for a classic client, and then i found Koward's aka Spik96 tool. So i start to experiment and final i found my self deep inside modding again. Yes i was modding way back and i was mostly modding FPS games like BF2 and mostly COD:Uo. Tho upon starting modding/editing WoW saw that was a whole different thing from the FPS modding that i knew. Anyway dont want to go far away, my original topic is in the other forum tho it seems now kinda empty so after  a bit of consideration i decide to move my topic here, since it seemed more active than the other forum and i hope to find some help by learning more or correcting my mistakes or even people that doing it even as a hobby like me or professionally. So here is what i have done already :            
  3. Hello! First of all, I just found this site and I must say that I'm really amazed by all these projects! You guys are really creative and skillfull - so keep up the good job! Anyway, I play on a vanilla private server and I really like the old models as they give me this "nostalgic feeling", however I wouldn't mind if spell animations were updated/improved to look like the animations from the newer WoW, such as MoP, WoD or even Legion. I know that @Uthil has improved spell animations implemented in his "Improved models for 1.12"-project, however I would really like to keep the old models. I would like to know if anyone could make a "Improved spell animations for 1.12"-project. Unfortunatly I can't offer you guys anything really, other than my sincerest thanks, but I believe a project like this would be appreciated by a lot of people. Thanks in advance!
  4. I really want to port the Plainsrunning spell to 3.3.5, yet the spell format is vastly different from TBC to 3.3.5 and I could simply not make it work. did anyone succeed or have an understanding on how to properly port it?
  5. Legion Based Vanilla Project

    Hi I just found this site and it looks like where I want to be. I want to start a vanilla server project with a couple of friends who are going to help me set it up. We don't plan on hosting this publicly. Just something we like to doas a hobby. I proposed this (my idea of a vanilla server) to them and they all want to try and see if we can pull it off.    My project I want to start would be a tad different. I want to base the build off of legion release but restrict what I don't want in the game. Bringing the level cap back to 60. Leaving the  base leveling infrastructure and landscape as if you were to start a fresh to on on live right now.  But... it will be harder. To avoid the most work possible I will be tweaking the character damage health and stats down so that all the mobs in game will simply be harder while leveling and obviously lower the XP rates.  This would give me the character models.. spells.. and quests and NPCs to allow leveling all the way to 60 without having to do anything else really.  I would like to alter the spells and possibly reintroduce the origional talent structures  BUT.. I would like to leave the new classes in place but tweaked obviously. Which might require complete talent creation for classes that have came out since vanilla but if that is a ridiculously optimistic task.. then I may leave the talent systems in as they are.  But.. things like spells will be learned the old way.   I want to introduce a new "after game" for characters that complete end game content and raids will earn unlocks to their character. The harder the encounter the bigger the reward. Such as a flying tome will only be earned by completing firelands. And after all content has been completed on a character they will have access to a new spell that will Teleport them to an restricted zone that has portals to scaled down versions of selected raids from future expansions.. think... caverns of time in reverse.  Where players can do a level 60 version of ICC to unlock new gear and death Knight classes for their account as an example.  By going about it this way I can add in scaled down versions of all newer legendaries. Like level 60 warglaives. The game will continue this way and give players more to do at level cap. Now the hard part........ I want to introduce flex to all raids and I want it to flex from 5 to 10. (I won't be attempting to handle 40 man raids). Just something me and some guildies can do in our free time if we want to go 5 man firelands or Naxx or something like that.)  But I would like to keep the things that make the game enjoyable.  Transmog.. for example. Looking for group.. but exclude heirlooms.  The only major sacrifice is the azeroth landscape..  By using legion I will be stuck with the legion based azeroth. Which is fine with us. The NPCs are there.. the questing is there.. I can tweak and remove as needed to tie up loose ends and remove quests that forward to future expansions. The alternative to be able to move new character models and spells on the old landscape is a process that will take FOREVER to accomplish. And when all that's really bad about it is that it's too easy. And I can fix that. I don't see that it's a terrible idea to maintain all of that which will free up time to get right into the fun stuff.    Anyway I want to start this tomorrow. And am looking for resources and tutorials to help me get this going. I've done some sql editing in the past and have ran a private server but it's been years.. not since before WotLK. So any help would be great. 
  6. Fixes / Additions : Many fixes around creature / NPC models, Removed some older additions in BETA / Alpha, Added new models for Legendary/Epic weapons Some dbc entries cleaning Added some new creature sounds Returned to default state : Thrall model, Elemental models, Drake models, Bat models went back to cata update, Stormwind fountain and general all fountains, Lich models Under WiP : Working the armor /weapons Patch [going to be released a few days after main mod]   BETA Fixes & Additions album:
  7. This is frustrating as all hell! There are so few vanilla / classic / 1.12.1 WoW Modding tutorials and tools that actually work and are not 'link-dead' in the first place. I have found scores and scores of tools for 3.3.5 and up but ~95% of them all crash and or corrupt vanilla files! I can't find enough of the damned vanilla tools to do anything but add small changes -AHH!! I want to do do big changes and modifications that are not non-player character clones or item display dupes with small changes and other small scale modifications! I have had to 'mickey mouse' / non-orthodoxically combine so many half-working tools together in order to get something that works that I am surprised that any people mod vanilla at all :-(. Does anyone know where the vanilla compatible tools are that actually work? Is there a forum or a website or place -somewhere- that has vanilla tools and methods and tutorials that are compatible with vanilla's quirks and iterations? If I can somehow get enough damned tools to work for vanilla for big scale modding work I could make a big 'Vanilla Tools that Work and How to Use Them' Page so that vanilla modders could have a resource hub to 'build' from and could stop pulling their hair out trying to make non-vanilla compatible 3.3.5a tools and tutorials work for their vanilla 1.12.1 projects!
  8. Here's a Sneak-peak: Mor'Ladim the Griefbringer [Level 40 Boss] (Dungeon Level Range: 32-42) "Mor'Ladim the Griefbringer, (formerly Mor'Ladim, Formerly Morgan Ladimore). [Level 40 Boss] Rare Quality Loot: -Bloodied Belt Knife (+Major Strength, +Minor Agility, +Minor Stamina, 1.8 Weapon Speed, Requires Level 38: One-Handed Dagger) [Warcraft III Ironforged Swords] <3D Item Model: Bloodstained Knife> -Mantle of Dread (+Major Agility, +Minor Strength, Requires Level 39: Mail Shoulders) [inv_shoulder_30.jpg] <3D Item Model: Salvaged Ango'rosh Pauldrons> -Morgan Ladimore's Cursed Wedding Band (+Major Intellect, +Medium Spirit, -2 Stamina, Requires Level 36: Ring) [inv_jewelry_ring_34.jpg] -Restless Spurred Gravewalkers (+Agility, +Stamina, +2% Increased Mounted Speed, Requires Level 40: Leather Boots) [inv_boot_wolf] <3D Item Model: Rawhide Boots> -Spangenhelm of Madness (-15 Intellect, +Major Strength & Agility, +Weak Stamina, Requires Level 40: Plate Helm) [Warcraft III Frost Reverent Face]-<~Unused WoW 3D Item Model: ~helm_ plate_Viking_06 WoWModelViewer7> -Tear Soaked Grasp (+Major Spirit, +Minor Intellect, +1 Stamina, Requires Level 37: Cloth Gloves) [Warcraft III Devotion Aura] <3D Item Model: Rawhide Boots> Epic Quality Drop: -Griefbringer (+1-4 Shadow Damage, Rarely Proc.'s Enraging Memories, 1.7 Weapon Speed, Requires Level 39: Two-Hand Sword) [inv_spear_08.jpg] <3D Item Model: Barovian Family Sword>" -deviantART: ______________________________________________________________________________ Tomb of the Screaming Shadow notes: Tomb of the Screaming Shadow (In the hills east of the Ravenhill Cemetery) (Level Range: 32-42) (Requires Levels: 32-37) Dungeon Level Progress: -(Requires Level 32 [31, 32, 33, 34 Trash Elites, 35 Boss]) -(Requires Level 33 [32, 33, 34, 35 Trash Elites, 36 Boss]) -(Requires Level 34 [34, 35, 36 Trash Elites, 37 Boss]) -(Requires Level 35 [35, 36, 37 Trash Elites, 38 Boss]) -(Requires Level 36 [36, 37, 38 Trash Elites, 39 Boss]) -(Requires Level 37 [37, 38, 39, [Fast Undead Spider] 40 Trash Elites, 40 Boss]) -One Optional Hard Boss [Mor'Ladim the Griefbringer Level 40]                                                                          -(Matthew Gordon Roulston 4:47 AM 01/07(July-Canada-Day/2016) Behold!!! Griefbringer HO!!!!!! Get Screwed Database and Server-side Bugs!!!   Update: Boss and Rare Encounters Planned: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Dungeon Section: Bosses: -Baltha'Xzar the Mad (Level 35 Boss Skeletal Blood Mage) -Jezebel the Clatter-Bones (Level 34 Boss Blood-Red Ghoul with Three White Darkhounds) Rares: -Biff the Understudied (Level 33 Rare Elite Arrow-through-the-head Undead) -Brienne the Tall (Level 35 Rare Elite Female 'Death-Knight') ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gate and Tunnel leading to the 2nd Dungeon Section: Bosses: -Fluffy (Level 37 Boss Abomination Hound) -Lord Morbidious The Unyielding <Blighted Gatekeeper> (Level 36 Boss Giant Axe-Wielding Skeleton) Rares: -Boneslash The Undying (Level 37 Rare Elite Bone Golem) -Daughter of Naraxis (Level 38 Rare Elite Blood-Green Spider) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Shadow-Cursed Gate Side Passage Entrance> (Requires: Shadow-Cursed Key - Baltha'Xzar, Jezebel and Lord Morbidious each drop one key third.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Dungeon Section: Bosses: -Eliza the Screamless <The Reconstructed Bride> (Level 38 Boss Undead Female Acolyte) -Lord Commander Hellblight <Fallen Paladin> (Level 39 Boss Undead Human Male Black Mail & Plate with 'Sword and Board') -Smash-Wreck The Crushinator (Level 39 Boss Near-Giant Sized Wight) -X'Kitternoxx the Broodmother (Level 38 Boss Giant Ghastly-Gray Spider) Rares: -Alicia Starsong (Level 38 Rare Elite Purple Banshee *Daughter of Velinde Starsong*) -Anub'Baxx'Arox <Nerubian Ambassador> (Level 39 Rare Elite Purple-Nerubian) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Dungeon Section: Bosses: -Abercrombie the Desecrator (Level 39 Boss Blue Human Necromancer) -Lichborne Morbent Fel (Level 39 Boss Lich Summons Mal'Thazzox) -Mal'Thazzox (Level 39 Boss Summoned Black and Yellow Felguard with Giant Polearm) -Mor'Ladim the Griefbringer (Level 40 Hard Boss Mor'Ladim Skeleton with Griefbringer 2H Sword and Unused 3D Helmet) -Mr. Happy <Doctor of Joy> (Level 40 Final Boss - Summoned by Abercrombie the Desecrator) Rare: -Klobberghast (Level 39 Rare Elite Blue + Green-Guts Abomination) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------