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  1. Hello everyone   After days of struggle to achieve my goal, i have all the tools to find the displayID of the gameObject, Items and PNJ from the very Root Listfile.       Tutorial:     The tools that will ease your life:   - A 7.2 wow folder that works with WMV 7.2 - (this WMV version) - Notepad++  - My pack right there:!Y2QF2QhR!3wZEjs3ZaSWskjBxut-3dLihsDuEweBZdLb5XSknvAE       Follow the video to understand how it works, you will have everything needed in my pack but you can try with other databses since the root listfile contain all game files. You can with it make GameObjects Patches, item patches, npc patches etc. When you have it it's heaven. You can add without swapping to your db2's 'cause if the id exists in modelFileData or root file or TextureFileData, it's not considered adding custom data's. Have fun everyone.    
  2. List_root exe

    Version 1.0.0


    With this tool compiled for Windows systems you can compile root file extracted from cascexplorer. To start it go to your folder through your CMD and when in your folder type: list_root.exe "listfile.txt" "root" dump_all > file.txt   you can save all in a text file like this and it's way faster.   Special thanks to Bravelad for giving me his 7.2 root file and Barncastle for compiling it for me.   Credit to Wungasaurus for his tool.
  3. Legion Pack 7.2

    Version 1.0.0


    With this you can work more easily on Legion.   Contains Root list and some db2 in csv version.
  4. Bonjour / Bonsoir à tous.   Après plusieurs jours d'essais et de recherches intensives. Me voilà en possession des outils pour vous permettre de forger les items cachés de la 7.2 (et donc les items de boss etc).       Maintenant commençons le tutoriel:     Les outils pour vous simplifier la vie:   - Un dossier wow 7.2 permettant l'utilisation de WMV 7.2 - (cette version de WMV du coup) - Notepad++ (c'est mieux pour traiter les fichiers texte - Mon pack pour la recherche disponible ici:!Y2QF2QhR!3wZEjs3ZaSWskjBxut-3dLihsDuEweBZdLb5XSknvAE       Il ne vous reste plus qu'à suivre les instructions de cette vidéos, si vous avez des questions, j'y répondrai. Sachez que ce tuto permet également de trouver des créatures mais aussi des GameObjects. Car, même si Légion on ne peut pas add de truc custom, si les fichiers sont dans la racine IDLIST, et qu'ils ne sont pas disponible IG, vous pouvez éditer vos DB et votre Core avec les id de GameObject ou de PNJ ou Arme etc. Ca sera un ajout sans swap bien qu'officiellement il était disponible à la racine mais pas implémenté dans le jeu. J'espère que tout ça pourra vous aider !      
  5. WDBX Editor

    Version 1.0.5


    A project I started initially to learn how DBC files worked that eventually turned into this and thought it was worth a share. This editor has full support for reading and saving all release versions of DBC, DB2, WDB and ADB. This does include support for Legion DB2 and ADB files and works with all variants (header flags) of these. Like the other editors I’ve used a definition based system whereby definitions tell the editor how to interpret each file’s columns - this is a lot more reliable than guessing column types but does mean the definitions must be maintained. So far, I've mapped almost all expansions with MoP being ~50% complete and everything else being 99%+ (excluding column names). Source can be found here. Features: Full support of release versions of DBC, DB2, WDB and ADB (WCH3 and WCH4 are not supported as I deem them depreciated) Can be set as the default file association Opening and having open multiple files regardless of type and build Open DBC/DB2 files from both MPQ archives and CASC directories Save single (to file) and save all (to folder) Standard CRUD operations as well as go to, copy row, paste row, undo and redo Hide, show and sort columns A relatively powerful column filter system (similar to boolean search) Displaying and editing columns in hex (numeric columns only) Exporting to a SQL database, SQL file, CSV file and MPQ archives Importing from a SQL database and a CSV file An Excel style Find and Replace Shortcuts for common tasks using common shortcut key combinations A help file to try and cover off some of the pitfalls and caveats of the program (needs some work) Tools: Definition editor for maintaining the definitions WotLK Item Import to remove the dreaded red question mark from custom items WDB5 Parser which is an attempt to automatically parse the structure of WDB5 files Things to Note: You need .Net 4.6.1 installed (download) Importing gives you the option to import; new rows, changed and new rows and to override all data Exporting to MPQ allows you to append to an existing archive or to create a new one Currently any SQL import must have identical columns to the file’s definition Legion ADB files MUST have the DB2 counterpart open before as required information is stored in the DB2 file. The program will prioritise DB2 if DB2 and ADB are opened at the same time The WDB5 Parser works surprisingly well thanks to the new field structure data however it does trip up on inline strings so definitions may need to be validated manually Undo, redo and copy data history are lost when changing the current file Everything is stored in memory so if your PC is ancient the program will crash attempting to read hundreds of files at once! To-do List: Change SQL imports to not require identical structures, possibly with a source to definition mapping screen (low priority) Some form of communal definition repository, possibly GitHub(?), that everyone can contribute to (suggestions welcome) CASC exporting/patching/updating (I’m waiting on CASCLib) Credits go to Ladislav Zezula for the awesome StormLib and thanks to all those that contribute to the WoWDev wiki. I’ve also patched the definitions together for various sources across the internet, there are too many to name, but thanks to all.
  6. Hello. So I just started looking into retro porting (which I have no prior experience with). I found some guides and some legion artifact m2, blp and skin files which I'm trying to port to wotlk. I have some questions about this: The itemdisplayinfo.dbc's are not the same for legion and wotlk. Is there an easy way to transfer row 6 (icon display) from wotlk dbc to legion dbc? I need to merge data from both dbcs into one. Row 1 and 2 refers to the model files, but why is the extension .mdx? The legion weapon files I found does not contain any .mdx files, nor did the multiconverter create any .mdx from the legion models. Where are these .mdx files stored, and what are they for? I did make a successful import, but the model is slightly buged. As you can see in the picture below. Why is that? In which file is this glow effect stored? Is it buged because of wotlk limitations, or is it fixable? (there are no entries in column 24 (for item visual effects) in the legion dbc) Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  7. Heyhow, i have a little problem with the newest models wich i downport from legion to wotlk. Some helmets a bit to small (~1.04-1.08) so that u see head parts threw the helm or its a bit inside ect, the position is perfeckt , i tryed it to edit the position on all ways but all time anything fucked up^^. I found here one who made this but i dont get it and he was longer not online. But of cause i pn him 2 weeks ago . But i dont get it work im not sure what i have to do there, wich values i have to fill. The green values i think i made correct the red i dont know it rly. With this it work in the wow modelviewer but not in game there is the modle invisible   Maybe anyone know how to handle this
  8. [Help] DB2 Question (patch 7.2)

    Hey, Anyone out there that knows how to open the new db2 files from 7.2. I kinda seem to have forgotten how I opened the files before mixed with the fact that every program I am trying to use is outdated or doesn't work.  So my question(s) is: Is there anyone that has definitions for some of the 7.2 DB2 files? Anyone that knows in short how to get the definitions? Anyone has any programs I should use?   Any help is much appreciated,even the slightest help is much appreciated to be honest.

    Version 1.0.1


    LISTFILE 7.2   Good here I bring a more recent update of "ListFile" for legion that many should need. I will be updating as I expand. PS: It should be noted that this listfile is up to version 7.2
  10. Cata+ Geffects for WOTLK DBCs

    Version 1.0.0


    I wanted the ground effects from Legion 7.1 as I already had the NODXT converted to wotlk, all I needed was the DBC files so I could use them in WOTLK.   This is the DBC from Legion 7.1 Ground effects Doodad and Ground Effects Texture converted down to WOTLK(3.3.5) so you can use the groundeffects from the Cata+ Expansions. I tested with the Lost Isle map which I converted with Adspartans converter and it worked.   If you convert a map down from Cata or Higher, and have these 2 dbc files in your clients DBFilesClient folder and your server DBC folder. The groundeffects for those maps that you converted will show up in-game without you having to edit anything.
  11. The Broken Isles

    With the help of AdSpartan's amazing converter and a lot of patience,I managed to get the broken isles map to WoW 3.3.5a.I experienced a lot of crashes ingame and after 1-2 hours of work I managed to clear all the crashes,so the area is full playable.The next thing I'm going to do is to try and get the groundeffects working with the skyboxes.
  12. Hi! I'm quite noob at Retro-porting and I was looking a way to port those new animations to LK. After doing some research I noticed it won't be an easy task,and what I discovered is a little information. I know that those animations are stored in the Legion .m2 character files, I have been looking for a converter for .m2 Legion format file to LK's and i did found PhilipTNG's one, but it doesn't support character models conversion. Even if could convert them, then I would have to link those new animations to the spells cast animations instead of the old ones. I'm quite lost at the moment, I don't know how and if it's possible to make any progress on the right direction. Does anyone know if this is achievable? If it is, I'm pretty sure that it would take many hours, but I don't care how much time it could take, I would like to know how to achieve this. I'm sorry if it feels like a really dumb question. Thanks for any kind of help! 
  13. Version 1.0.0


    I made this script to convert multiple models from Legion to Wrath of the Lich King or Warlords of Draenor. Requires 010 editor. The first script removes the unnecessary information before the M2 header and changes its version from 274 to 272 to make it work in WoD. The second one does the same but also runs Philip's converter on the M2 files to make them work in Wotlk. How it works: -Put the models you want to covert inside the folder called "Models". -Run "Legion M2 to Wod/Wotlk.bat" and wait This script can also read all the subfolders inside "models" and convert every M2 inside of them. EXTERNAL LINK: Legion to Wotlk Legion to WoD To make this script work there must be an entry for 010 editor in environment variables (this allows windows to launch 010 editor through the cmd window, otherwise it won't work): -Right click on My computer -> properties -> advanced system settings -> environment variables -> Path -Click edit -Add your 010 editor directory to the list separated from the rest of the entries by a ";" (Example: ;C:\Program Files (x86)\010 Editor) (Detailed guide on this video)
  14. Hello everyone, i'm making this thread, hoping i can get help from this community, and it's about going forward in Legion modding. > lol rangorn u always brag but you didn't do anything, blablablabla *SJW tears* Stfu dude, tell me what is that then ? ANYWAY ! the project is  about to update WdtSupplies and make it compatible with Legion. > Create mapping in noggit with 3.3.5 client > Use Anthony adt converter for adt in cata/mop format > Using WdtSupplies for making it compatible with Legion Legion ADTs format have changed with legion, so WoD mapping aren't working in it, you will get 132 errors.   Let's get in Since few expansions, the main files for each map are theses : WDT : Defines property of the map ( ) WDL : Define the low-resolution heightmap of the map ( ) TEX : Low-Resolution texturing for the map ( ) _LGT.WDT : Lighting for the map  ( ) _OCC.WDT : Occlusion for the map ( )   And of course for one ADT : ADT_XX_YY : The main adt file ADT_XX_YY_obj0 : Objects informations of the ADT ADT_XX_YY_obj1 : Objects informations of the ADT ADT_XX_YY_tex0 : Textures informations of the ADT ADT_XX_YY_tex1 : Textures informations of the ADT NEW WITH LEGION : ADT_XX_YY_lod : Probably low resolution of ADT, didn't really checked this       The principal change in legion, it's the removal of tex1, and adding _lod instead. As i've understand, _lod are not needed, old maps doesn't have a _lod, but _tex1 is removed for all maps.   So, the first thing to understand, is to know what file is necessary, and if not, can it have a minimal structure ?   Here are two example of maps with not much content :   No ADT One ADT   As we can see on the first screenshoot, Tex and _lgt and _occ wdt are necessary, but they have a minimal structure (chunk name, chunk size, and a lot of 00 depending on the chunk size) So let's skip theses 3 files for the moment, and let's see about WDT and WDL -WDT : There are absolutely no change in WDT, except 2 thing : - Flags is different for maps, because new expansion - MWMO empty chunk (if the map is not a WMO Map) isn't present in WDTs Nothing to do with, perhaps deleting the WMO chunk manually if the wdt have one   -WDL : The body is  the same, One huge MAOF chunk (16384 bytes) and a MARE chunk (1080 bytes) / MAHO chunk (32 bytes) for each ADT in the map BUT Header have changed a lot With the minimal structure, old header look like this MVER (4bytes) : 18 MWMO : 0 MWID : 0 MODF : 0   Now the header look like this : MVER (4bytes) : 18 MLDD : 0 MLDX : 0 MLMD : 0 MLXM : 0   Theses new chunk are familiar because they are located in adt too   SO  ! For the moment : Only WDL files need modification, now let's see for the ADTs files in the next post !            
  15. Legion Based Vanilla Project

    Hi I just found this site and it looks like where I want to be. I want to start a vanilla server project with a couple of friends who are going to help me set it up. We don't plan on hosting this publicly. Just something we like to doas a hobby. I proposed this (my idea of a vanilla server) to them and they all want to try and see if we can pull it off.    My project I want to start would be a tad different. I want to base the build off of legion release but restrict what I don't want in the game. Bringing the level cap back to 60. Leaving the  base leveling infrastructure and landscape as if you were to start a fresh to on on live right now.  But... it will be harder. To avoid the most work possible I will be tweaking the character damage health and stats down so that all the mobs in game will simply be harder while leveling and obviously lower the XP rates.  This would give me the character models.. spells.. and quests and NPCs to allow leveling all the way to 60 without having to do anything else really.  I would like to alter the spells and possibly reintroduce the origional talent structures  BUT.. I would like to leave the new classes in place but tweaked obviously. Which might require complete talent creation for classes that have came out since vanilla but if that is a ridiculously optimistic task.. then I may leave the talent systems in as they are.  But.. things like spells will be learned the old way.   I want to introduce a new "after game" for characters that complete end game content and raids will earn unlocks to their character. The harder the encounter the bigger the reward. Such as a flying tome will only be earned by completing firelands. And after all content has been completed on a character they will have access to a new spell that will Teleport them to an restricted zone that has portals to scaled down versions of selected raids from future expansions.. think... caverns of time in reverse.  Where players can do a level 60 version of ICC to unlock new gear and death Knight classes for their account as an example.  By going about it this way I can add in scaled down versions of all newer legendaries. Like level 60 warglaives. The game will continue this way and give players more to do at level cap. Now the hard part........ I want to introduce flex to all raids and I want it to flex from 5 to 10. (I won't be attempting to handle 40 man raids). Just something me and some guildies can do in our free time if we want to go 5 man firelands or Naxx or something like that.)  But I would like to keep the things that make the game enjoyable.  Transmog.. for example. Looking for group.. but exclude heirlooms.  The only major sacrifice is the azeroth landscape..  By using legion I will be stuck with the legion based azeroth. Which is fine with us. The NPCs are there.. the questing is there.. I can tweak and remove as needed to tie up loose ends and remove quests that forward to future expansions. The alternative to be able to move new character models and spells on the old landscape is a process that will take FOREVER to accomplish. And when all that's really bad about it is that it's too easy. And I can fix that. I don't see that it's a terrible idea to maintain all of that which will free up time to get right into the fun stuff.    Anyway I want to start this tomorrow. And am looking for resources and tutorials to help me get this going. I've done some sql editing in the past and have ran a private server but it's been years.. not since before WotLK. So any help would be great. 
  16. I want to get Legion 7.0.3 22810 to load custom GlueXML files. I managed to prevent the .old rename on 32 bit, but it doesn't load the modified GlueXML. From WoD to Legion it appears to have made a change with the signatures. The errors "GlueXML is modified or corrupt", "GlueXML has corrupt signature" and "GlueXML missing signature" are all missing in Legion so I can't find the switch to disable the jumps.  Is there any way to get the files to load? Or maybe a way to figure it out?  Thanks 
  17. Legion and Polys rise

    Hello folks, recently came to my attention that with the coming of Legion models already started to be more complicated in their structure, i mean when it comes on how many polygons thus rising the numbers when you try to cut down those unnecessary meshes. I saw that in the recent legion build of character models when importing the dwarven female i saw huge difference on the count, model had 1000+ more than the WoD one. Since im on the procedure of continue it in the future, im starting to think that soon you will not be able to rerto port since the numbers will be higher and you will not be able to do much on the same model. I.e the new Malfurion model has 5560 tris, when i ported to WotLK looks pretty nice, tho when i did for vanilla i had this result :   Body parts missing. I work it on blender to see if i can reduce the tris tho i could only access 3 spots that offered doubles to be removed. Means rest model stays high on count since did had any areas with doubles to delete. So what the gurus believe, will be possible to rerto port in the future ? Im looking also if anyone has a malfurion from WoD last build or even previous builds. I want to test and see about triangles case and if its correct cause if i can port an earlier version the i believe in the future we will not be able. I like to hear what you think also any idea what else i can do to work on that model ?
  18. Hey mates !!!!  Finsternis post a topic on WoD models for players (no npcs) ; It's on Modcraft Have fun ! 
  19. My Legion Listfile

    Version 2.0.0


    Hey! This is a Legion listfile, made from different listfiles I found around the internet and merged, kinda like those undead flesh giants. It contains a couple of files from Return to Karazhan which I found using the "Scan files" tool.
  20. Attempting to completely convert the content of these zones, as close as possible to the blizzlike. Raid: Firelands Mogushan Palace Throne of the Four Winds Dungeon: Well of Eternity Halls of Origination Lost City of the Tol'vir The Vortex Pinnacle The Maelstrom Battleground: Twin Peaks Temple of Kotmogu The Battle for Gilneas Arena: Tol'viron Arena The Tiger's Peak   Artifacts Legion My list converting dbc structure Legion and Mop to client 3.3.5a Achievement.dbc Achievement_Category.dbc Achievement_Criteria.dbc AreaGroup.dbc AreaPOI.dbc AreaTable.dbc AreaTrigger.dbc BattlemasterList.dbc CharacterFacialHairStyles.dbc CharHairGeosets.dbc CharSections.dbc CharTitles.dbc ChatChannels.dbc ChrRaces.dbc CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc CreatureModelData.dbc CreatureSoundData.dbc CurrencyTypes.dbc DungeonMap.dbc DungeonMapChunk.dbc EmotesTextSound.dbc Faction.dbc FactionTemplate.dbc GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc GemProperties.dbc GroundEffectDoodad.dbc GroundEffectTexture.dbc HolidayNames.dbc Item.dbc ItemDisplayInfo.dbc ItemExtendedCost.dbc ItemSet.dbc ItemVisualEffects.dbc ItemVisuals.dbc Light.dbc LightFloatBand.dbc LightIntBand.dbc LightParams.dbc LightSkybox.dbc LiquidMaterial.dbc LiquidObject.dbc LiquidType.dbc LoadingScreens.dbc Map.dbc MapDifficulty.dbc NPCSounds.dbc ObjectEffect.dbc ObjectEffectGroup.dbc ObjectEffectPackage.dbc ParticleColor.dbc PvpDifficulty.dbc ScalingStatDistribution.dbc SoundAmbience.dbc SoundEmitters.dbc SoundEntries.dbc SpellIcon.dbc SpellItemEnchantment.dbc SpellVisual.dbc SpellVisualEffectName.dbc Talent.dbc WMOAreaTable.dbc WorldMapArea.dbc WorldMapContinent.dbc WorldMapOverlay.dbc WorldMapTransforms.dbc WorldSafeLocs.dbc WorldStateUI.dbc WorldStateZoneSounds.dbc ZoneIntroMusicTable.dbc ZoneMusic.dbc My way converting dbc: 1. dbc>sql 2. manually compare dbc mop - wotlk 3. converting sql to csv 4. csv to dbc left to finish: - server part - full spell.dbc 5.4 > 3.3.5а Patch size almost 2GB  
  21. WoD Modding: General Tutorial

    Hello guys, I don't like to do some introduction so will will be going into it right now ! (I'm french so there might be some  mistakes in my spelling). Tools to do things faster: - 010 Editor v5+ for my scripts to work ( The scripts that fix animations is from Alastor.!OUQz2Cya!I1XLE9iOlDgh2VjzRqIddu2NktyAObZyz2lrkVGM7jE ) All the basic templates like M2Template and SkinTemplate etc... - MyDBCEditor - CascExplore (off course !) - Your Compiled Wod Server with a working database. - HeidiSQL or another software to edit your Database. - A cracked launcher that load your root folders like DBFilesClient.   ALL MODIFIED DBC FILE MUST BE COPIED AND PASTED IN BOTH GAME FOLDER AND SERVER FOLDER !     I - Adding Custom Legion NPC to DB and Creating Them   So, open your Cascexplorer and find your creature from legion that you want ! Good. Now open the folder and drag you "Creature" folder to your WoD Root and go inside it then. Now open your m2 file with 010 Editor and use the script LegiontoWod. It will automatically suppress the MD21 format and version from 12 to 10 for WoD compatibility. Use the M2Template on it and run the Script03 from Alastor to fix some possible issues on the animation (it puts all playbackspeed to 150). You can save and close your m2.   For those that couldn't get a full 010 Editor 5+ or just used their 30 free days on it you can do that in previous version of 010 by deleting all the Bytes before "MD20" and overwriting "12" to "10" on the first line.   Now the go to your DBFilesClient and search for "Filedata", CreatureModelData" and "CreatureDisplayInfo" don't forget to make a backup of the files you are editing just in case ! Open your Filedata.dbc and add a new line to the end (remember the ID that will be shown in hexa !) in the second column write the name of your creature m2 file (example: warden.m2), in the third one just write the access path (example: Creature\warden\) DON'T FORGET THE BACKSLASH AT THE END. Just save. Open CreatureModelData.dbc and add a new line by copying one line and write an big entry like 1000000. Use Wowdev to see if you have everything good. In the third column write the entryid of your mod (el in "Filedata" Open CreatureDisplayInfo.db2, yes an awful db2 file ! But ! You can edit it with what i learned from all the forums ! drag the file to 010 Editor and use my script CreatureDisplayInfoDB2TODBC to convert it and save, now you can open it and add a new line. Don't make the entryid at the end of the file (for me it doesn't work right in game) find a vacant place in previous id order and make a new one, put the creaturemodeldata id (1000000 for example) in the second column and in the 8 to 10 column you can now write your blp access as a string (or maybe only two for 6.2.3). Write their name without the ".Blp" at the end. Use Wowdev as well to check if everything's cool. Save and now go to 010 reload the file and use the script version DBCTODB2 and save.   For previous version of 010, you have to delete the Bytes starting from pos 20 to pos 47 included (14h to 2Fh included).and you have to copy those bytes and after modifying the db2 file, you reload it in 010 and go to edit -> insert/Overwrite -> insert Bytes. Choose start from 14 and add 30 in hex. now you can paste the previous bytes at offset 14h and save.   To forge them, use the general tutorials using creature_Model_Info and creature_template. You can find tutorials on trinity website.     II - Adding and forge items from legion   The process is quite similar to the creature. Just get your weapon and drag the item folder to your wow root and repeat the process from creature with the m2 file until the dbc editing.   Find "Filedata", "TextureFileData" and "ItemDisplayInfo" In Filedata add a new line and remember the entry ID and write the name of your blp this time like: "sword_2h_artifactashringer_d_01_red.blp" and in the last column the path: "item\objectcomponents\weapon\"   Now open TextureFileData with 010 Editor and  edit it like creature display info but manually without the script like explained in the first part of the tutorial. Open your file with you dbceditor and add a line not at the end but prior. Found a place and add your id that follow the order. in the column 2 write your custom texture id that followsthe order and use wowdev for a better knowledge of what you're doing. In column 3 write the number that refers to what items you are adding. In the last one just put the filedata entryid of your texture. Save and convert it back to db2 with the manual 010 edit from the firt part.   Open Itemdisplayinfo and add a new line. In column 2 write your weapon m2 name "sword_2h_artifactashbringer_d_01.m2" et ensuite suivant les indications de wowdev you write the ID of your texture id from TextureFileData. Save and you done with the pre-forge. To forge the item IG use this really cool tutorial that will explained everything better than me ! To forge the item in game follow this great tutorial i found, everything will be explained better than me:   To be continued.              
  22. M2 Camera

    Hey folks, the past few days i've been looking to change the camera in bat mount from legion but without any success. What i get when i convert it for classic is that camera ends up to high and front a bit so you cant see much unless you turn the came with the mouse really vertical. I had a look here but i end up kinda confused to what to look now. Can anyone provide some info on what i have to look and change camera in a more view-able state like when you use wyvern or gryphon models. Thanks in advance, uthil!
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This patch contains all available (those we have a lisfile for) models from Legion Beta converted on WoTLK (3.3.5a). It does not contain .ADTs and other map related files. The aim of this release is to enlarge the range of assets worldbuilders can use for creating zones.  Decyphering key: !D23xKXVQlOTgbo1MJG1c2LBcl8LBXwck9V138ED4Qjs
  24. M2s Particles from Legion to LK

    So i converted several items from legion some time ago and i used those models in  some of my noggit works but when i get ingame i face something that Noggit or WMV has no idea about --> Particles  So i have here one model ...  ( may hard to see but its there )   Its particles are working fine  but then i have model like this and its particles are little bit messed up .. you can see border of rendered Image    I tried to change BlendFlags or other flags based on comparation with that one posted abowe and no results ... so i came here since soem of my methods didnt worked and i would rather delete those particles definitly instead of leaving it as its now  ...    particles are messd up for many models i have here actualy ...  so ...   World\Expansion06\doodads\artifact\7af_rogue_poison_vial06.m2   -particles working fine  =============================================================== World\Expansion06\doodads\artifact\7af_rogue_smokebomb_crate01.m2 - fail  World\Expansion06\doodads\artifact\7af_rogue_table_mission.m2 - fail  World\Expansion06\doodads\artifact\7af_rogue_poison_vial04.m2 - fail World\Expansion06\doodads\artifact\7af_rogue_smokebomb_crate01.m2 - fail  etc ...        
  25. Sup guys, i try converted map legion to 3.3.5a "map BrokenShoreScenario" but, this map originate crash whit my wow.exe. I follow the next tutorial: i used wmo-adt- and m2 converted Screen of map  More screens: Screen crash wow.exe anyone knows a fix? sorry for My english is low...