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  1. db file for animations

    So i am really interested in working with db files since i downloaded barncastle´s wdbx editor and i really want to change some attack animations of my paladin but i just cant seem to find the right db file.... I mean i tried changing the special attack 2h in AnimationData, but unfortunatly without any success. Perhaps im digging in the wrong hole ^^
  2. Add animation to an m2

    Someone has idea how to add animation to this model? I want to make it spinning little slow. Or is it possible to gain the animation from HOTS? And If I want to add this to database. I have to convert m3 to m2 wod and then downport to wotlk?
  3. Hi everyone ! I actually port some model from WoD/MoP/Cata to LK, and want to use a lot for mountable model, so here is my main problem : The problem is, in th air the model dont "fly" he just stay like in the screen, and just "move" but there is no animation flying, i try to change some data /w 010 Editor in the .M2 but its dont work, i try to search on the web but didnt find answer So i come here for maybe find an answer ! Btw, the model in wowmodelviewer have flying animation so i didnt understand why its didnt work