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  1. Heyho, yesterday Skarn told me about the little conversation that some of you had about paying developers and stuff like that. In my opinion it isn't like that we (read as: developers) aren't motivated because we want to get money for our stuff. Many people actually want to create useful tools for the modding and/or emulation scene, but just don't have good ideas or the needed experience for projects they could do. But that's a point where you could bring your ideas in! Tell us which software would make your life much easier. It doesn't matter if you would like to see a launcher, a renaming tool, a tool which will automate a process or a CASC editor. Just tell us what you need. I'll list every requested software in this post. Let's hope that some developer out there can fulfill your wish. Edit: I'm not as active as i'm used to be, that's why probably some ideas are missing and/or not linked. Our requests: .db2 editor (cata-legion) (requested by Skarn) CASC editor (requested by Skarn) M2 plugin for 3D Software (e.g. Blender) supporting animations (in developement by Koward) (requested by Skarn) Zone light editor (requested by Skarn) Continent creator (requested by Skarn) Visual DBC editor (e.g. placing POI on map, talent trees and so on) (requested by Skarn) Visual editor for editing login screen and character creation (requested by Poisonleaf) DBC to SQL and SQL to DBC tool (requested by sshroud) Spell editor (cata) (requested by Смердокрыл) WMO editor (requested by Смердокрыл) All-in-one-texture tool for armors (requested by Alastor Strix'Efuartus) Advanced MySQL editor (requested by Amaroth) ADT, M2 & WMO Legion to WoD (requested by MrXJKz) WBD5 format (DB2) (from Legion or WoD) to CSV (with structures) (requested by MrXJKz) Automatic downgrade Itemdisplayinfo, TextureFileData, Filedata from Legion to WoD and WotLk (requested by MrXJKz) Texture searcher for M2, WMO, etc. (requested by MrXJKz) HoTS and Overwatch Blender Add-on (requested by MrXJKz) .phys enabler from Legion to WoD (requested by MrXJKz) Visual Database Editor like Truice (requested by Amaroth)   (I obviously don't list something like "a good, working map editor", because that's something that everyone wants to have.. )