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  2. WoW Hentai by Alastor " just my pervert [ME] here "

    Hi there ...  So after i started with making 3D models one of mei friends said that is just matter of time until i start making Wow hentain when he saw my precision when making boobies for my characters   so here is Kayrean x Xandria ( Blue x Red ) these two are quetly done but sometime i want to upgrade them to animated form Stil under construction 
  3. World Crashing Bug

      Please if anyone can tell me how this can be fixed I would be very grateful. Currently this error has halted all of my progress on moddng World of Warcraft:S. This is very much Big Potatoes.
  4. Hi fellows, long time ago I discovered an interesting workshop on youtube with a guy who worked in game industry with famous enterprises like Blizzard and Ubisoft. Here, he teaches to a class of students how to paint textures from scratch for low poly models with a cartoonish style. There's tons of videos about texturing on the web, but this workshop is particulary helpful because this guy, Jamin Shoulet, gives some tips and talks about experiences, techniques, etc... Plus, you can work "with him" in the same time, like the others students because it's not a timelapse. Have a good class !      
  5. Help! I have no clue what I am doing!?

    Okay well can this be a thread for people like myself who have no damn clue what is going on but want to create cool things with WoW but need some kind of additional modding guidance? Okay so I will start off with a video of myself asking for guidance in how to create a second level of Tinkertown with a gnomeregan elevator.  
  6. How to fix a world that crashes on start up?

    WoW Error Message: (Attached Text File)   WoW Error Message.txt
  7. Batsh!t Crazy Review of Vanilla WoW.

    I don't know what to expect out of this post, but here is a crazy video I made about vanilla wow. Don't judge me:-P! Sorry for the audio er 'maxing out' and cutting out some of the louder stuff I say. The video was recorded via my builtin laptop microphone so there you go:/.
  8. [HELP!] N.P.C. Importing Issues:-S

    I feel a bit impotent to be asking so many questions although I am having a bit of a hard time with constant failure working with so many digital creation methods all at once with slow yet gradual progress.
  9. I redid my 'How To Make Videos' (For Free) video so that I could show you guys how one could copy how I make videos so that one can too make videos if one so wishes:-P. -SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD LINKS-Open Broadcast Software: Extract Download: or Download: Movie Maker: (Excellent Video Player) Download: ________________________________________________________________________ Now you guys can have a baseline of how to make a decent YouTube video:-P.